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The Incredible Shrinking Brain of Ann Coulter

While she may be good at getting pious lefties into fits of insane rage, I've generally found Coulter to be a Michael Moore of the right: a self-absorbed loudmouth dingbat with a great talent for witty invective and none whatsoever for coherent thought patterns. Do we really want people like this on our side?

In her recent stupidity - DNA evidence exonerates Hitler! - she opens up in full-bluster mode about folks who have the nerve to exonerate death-penalty inmates thru the use of DNA evidence. Ann seems very upset by the prospect of not putting the innocent to death, and howls about "phony new evidence" and "lies" used by defence lawyers.

Serious accusations indeed, and worthy of further investigation. A David Horowitz or William F. Buckley could make a decent go of it, but it's a tad beyond Coulter's meagre talents.

Sadly (but not surprisingly) Coulter provides no analysis or evidence, and then goes on to describe a series of rape cases that have nothing to do with the use of DNA in death penalty cases. Matter of fact, the avoids the topic for the rest of the article, beyond this kindergarten logic:

- rapists bad
- rapists defended by lawyers
- some lawyers are bad, therefore
- death penalty inmates exonerated thru DNA evidence should be killed anyway

Now that's what you call thinking with your arse. In fact, it's pretty close to classic Pilger/Chomsky thinking......

1- start with emotive accusation
2- give no evidence for your position; and/or
3- change topic immediately to something else completely unrelated by emotionally powerful
4- #3 is upsetting, therefore #2 is irrelevant, ergo #1 is true

What's Ann really given us?

- rapists are evil - wow, she's in revelatory form here folks
- some lawyers are scumbags - does her insight ever fail her?
- DNA evidence in death penalty cases is phony - yeah, you said that in the first place - why?

Ann should leave conservatve argument to people capable of making it, and go audition for the tile-turning role on Wheel of Fortune. It's both within her intellectual capacity and quieter for the rest of us.

Zzzz.......Windbag is back

For reasons best explained by their crack dealers, the producers of Channel 10's Meet The Press have invited failed ex-PM and Indonesian junta cuddle-buddy Paul Keating to be their "special guest".

Paul's obviously having a bout of Malcolm Fraser syndrome: a particularly awful affliction which affects former Prime Ministers and makes them do lots of media appearances in a desperate attempt to stay relevant.

Perhaps he has a new book of wisdoms to promote, like maybe "how to fuck up an economy in 10 easy lessons" or "how to cuddle up to brutal genocidal bastards in Jakarta", or most probably "how to lose an election by the biggest margin in history and pretend it's not your fault"

Welcome some new Dickheads into the fold

A new addition to the "dickheads galore" link section: a big thanks to reader David for pointing out this gem of leftist lunacy: the Green Left Weekly, this week featuring a cover story by our old friend and tyrant-lover investigative journalist John Pilger.

Howard's lethal hypocrisy is the familiar Pilger grab bag of lies, paranoia, irrelevant history and contradictory high-n-mighty principles. Pilger whinges eternally about.....

- 600,000 Iraqi deaths caused by "western sanctions": You know, the same sanctions that give Saddam enough money to build lots of presidential palaces and leave nothing over for medicine or food.

- He quotes "research" which says 2.5 million civilians killed by western sponsored "state terror". Assuming this figure is correct (and we know Pilger has problems with numbers, particularly Marc Herold's), doesn't this give the western powers a greater responsibility to clean up their own mess? Should we ignore Saddam and let him kill more civilians for the sake of consistency?

- Previous collusion with the genocidal Indonesians over East Timor & Howard's racist hypocrisy: you know, how he made the decision to send in troops and save the Timorese. And isn't that what you've been demanding for 25 years, eh Pilgy?

Naturally to Pilger and the rest of the Left, Fraser, Whitlam, Hawke and Keating - who brown-nosed this psychotic junta - were still the ones who are more enlightened about "Asia" than racist Johnny Howard. Lefties don't like right-wingers who solve problems, it's just not polite.

The Pilger World: solving a problem is always worse than causing it. Saving lives is best done in moderation, for it distracts Pilger and his ilk from more important tasks, like complaining about John Howard and The Americans.

They just don't make ZOGs like they used to anymore

Damian Penny makes an interesting observation.



No blogging tonight, I'm a tad busy cleaning the house for guests arriving tomorrow.

For those of you who have sent me e-mails recently (all of them excellent and appreciated), I'll be replying to them in the next few days. In the meantime, please keep the e-mail and beer tips coming: tex {at} whackingday {dot} com

I'll be updating The Great American Beer Quest tomorrow, thanks to the many excellent mails I've received on the subject.


Socialism and Movies

If you ever need proof of how socialist thinkers are sorry, humourless nerds with no life, check out the movie reviews section of the World Socialist Website, written by a group of reviewers who really need to get laid. Where else would a film reviewer discuss Reaganism in a Mulholland Drive review?

There doesn't actually seem to be much about the actual movies, but there's certainly an abundance of painful agonized waffling about the the socialist spirit of humanity, warped by evil corporate conspiracies, and glossed over by the evil cabal of capitalist hollywood filmmakers. There is much outrage at every instance of a movie refusing to show the USA as the most evil country on earth.

The attitude pervails of a general hatred of anything resembling entertainment, which is of course capitalist, corrupt and blinds us from those important "intellectual" artistic works just waiting to bore everybody stupid but which are good for us.

Needless to say, one reviewer goes into a frothing hissy-fit over Animal Farm. And the essay on Lord of The Rings has to be the dullest piece of gibbering po-faced misery I've read in the movie journalism universe.

Oh, and for some unintentional laughs, check out the last paragraph in the review of The Siege.

Aaron Oakley vs. The Greens

The Good Doctor has surpassed himself here. (The permalink doesn't work so look for the post titled "Tackling the greens")

No doc, there's nothing unnatural here

Dave Sims at Clubbeaux has a wonderful before and after pictorial.

More fun Europe-bashing

George Will pummels European geopolitical hypocrisy. Superb.

Andrew Sullivan on anti-semitism in the "peace" movement

This is, quite simply the best essay I have read in a long time. You need to read the whole thing, but here's a teaser..

To single Israel out for condemnation and divestment, while ignoring all these others, is so self-evidently bizarre that it begs an obvious question. What are these anti-Israel fanatics really obsessed about? Where are the divestment campaigns for China or Zimbabwe?

The answer, I think, lies in the nature of part of today's left. It is fueled above all by resentment - resentment of the West's success, resentment of the freedom to trade, resentment of any person or country, like Israel or Britain or the U.S., that has enriched itself by means of freedom and hard work. Just look at Israel's amazing achievements in comparison with its neighbors: its vibrant civil society, its economic growth, its technological skill, its agricultural miracle. When you think about all Israel has achieved, it is no surprise that the resentful left despises it. So, for obvious reasons, do Israel's neighbors. If they had wanted, the Arab states could have made peace with Israel decades ago, and enriched themselves through trade and interaction. Instead, rather than emulate the Jewish state, they spent decade after decade trying to destroy it.


If you haven't read it yet.....

..check out Sasha Castel's takedown of pious dweeb Richard Goldstein's inept criticism of ex-leftie "neohawks".



Just completed the loathsome annual exercise of doing my tax return. Thankfully it only took 30 minutes.

There is a sorta cute irony in the fact that our tax returns are due on Halloween.

What he said

Dale Amon at Samizdata has an excellent post on the Russian Hostage incident.

What he said too

Some quality thoughts on racial double-standards over at Clubbeaux.

Noooo, nothing at all to worry about here

Damian Penny has a truly nauseating post.

Was this the world's most boring sporting event?

Street-circuit racing for cars is usually monumentally tedious, but yesterday's Gold Coast Indy race really took the cake: all but six laps were held in slow motion under the yellow flag! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..............

Not that you'd know it from the official site:

After the most dramatic start in Honda Indy 300 history in wet and stormy conditions, rookie driver Mario Dominguez from Mexico had a fairytale finish claiming his first ever champ car win on the Gold Coast today.

No mention of idiotic, boring and farcical?

No doubt this dull event will still attract a huge crowd next time.


It's official: Gore Vidal is insane

Yep, it's finally happened. Vidal's gone completely yo-yo. Apparently Dubya deliberately allowed the attacks of 11/9/01 to occur. Even Kerry Nettle hasn't said anything this stupid.

USA: an orgy of national narcissism?

A new entry in our Spleen section: reader Steve S. of California has contributed this bollocking of recent statements by novelist Phillip Roth re. America's national response the the events of 11/9/01.

The return of the lovely islamic essay

A few days back I mentioned the http://islam.org.au site (now featuring a laughable pop-up disclaimer) had removed their charming essay on preserving the islamic identity in the west, where all non-muslims were likened to sewer creatures. Well, thanks to reader Peter Q., I've just found out the essay can be viewed here.

The view from today's classroom

Got a brilliant e-mail from a first-year uni student in Perth. It requires no comment from me, so without further ado.......


Firstly, let me say how much I enjoy reading your website. It is always amusing & often insightful!

Anyway... as one of those "stupid hippies" (uni students), I thought I would relate to you an experience I had last Monday in my American history tutorial.

I was having a "discussion" with my Professor regarding welfare reform and the impact on Afro-Americans. His essential thesis is that welfare is good while mine is that welfare is bad. I argued that free market solutions are needed in order to drive individuals to improve their own position. Several days later, he start sound sounding off in another tutorial about how I had fundamentally misunderstood american society, was generally stupid and have "narrow experience" (my mate in the tute reported his comments to me).

The point of this whole story is that this academic has often wondered out loud why nobody listens to humanities academics anymore. The simple reason is that academics don't list to anybody, are the biggest elitists in the country (by and large) and are unable to realise that Whitlam was dumped over twenty five years ago. However, the part that illustrates the sheer stupidity of these leftodemics is that when I went along to the Honours Programme Orientation Seminar, the Honours Convenor spent the entire seminar saying that '2003 is gonna be just like '68... I can't wait!'.

The biggest problem facing students is that if you argue a libertarian or conservative position, you are invariably penalised either through marks or made to feel to very uncomfortable in the classes. Besides, can a 17 year old really argue effectively against the tripe spread by these guys? Only in my last semester, have I begun to do so! The leftodemics are so concerned with spreading their worldview, that they are incapable of teaching orthodox history.

Our arts faculties are a national disgrace and it has nothing to do with funding!

Is anyone surprised? Still, with students like this one, there's good reason to hope for the future.


Leftie losers and the "still-can't-get-over-it" syndrome

In this week's pathetic column, Sydney Morning Herald microbe Hugh Mackay still can't accept the fact that John Howard has won three elections in a row. The reasons for this of course are "luck", racism, intolerance, and blah blah blah.....

Get a load of this howler...........

He was lucky to be the last man standing as Opposition leader when the Keating Labor government fell in 1996. There was an inevitability about that defeat and it had almost nothing to do with Howard:

Oh I see. Howard only wins by playing to fear and intolerance, yet the most crushing defeat in Labor history had "almost nothing to do with Howard". Well, which is it? Is Mackay Australia's dumbest intellectual?

indeed, that was the election for which the Coalition invented the "small-target" strategy, refusing to expose its policies to the glare of public scrutiny. (It was a disgracefully undemocratic strategy, but it worked because Howard and his advisers knew the election was about getting rid of Labor, not electing the Coalition.)

"Disgracefully undemocratic" = people voted for the wrong party. In the mind of the sulking anti-Howard weasel brigade, democracy only happens when Labor is elected. Any other result simply must be the result of trickery, right-wing conspiracies, racism and blah, blah. It could never ever be - gasp - voters choosing the coalition.

What happens, in short, when we decide we want more from a leader than the ability to act tough in a crisis, and begin to demand positive, pro-active leadership that takes us beyond our fears?

What happened was Paul Keating suffered the biggest-ever dose of electoral "fuck you, arrogant leftie twat" in Australian history, precisely because the Australian population didn't want the wonderful qualities Mackay masturbates over.

Enter the Greens. The key to the Greens' emerging electoral success.......

Emerging electoral success? They have three seats.

.....lies in the fact that they stand for coherent, identifiable, humane policies and seem willing to engage with the moral implications of economic issues.

BWAHAHAHHAHAHA. Yeah, and the Khmer Rouge had some great policies on demography.

It's no accident that a Green candidate knocked Labor off its perch in Cunningham: what Labor's heartland lacks is a sense of Labor's heart.

Well, either that or - you know - the candidate sucked.

Tex's film viewings

Caught two more DVDs in my home theatre setup.....

HEIST: David Mamet's latest. Gene Hackman, Delroy Lindo, Danny DeVito in this odd crime caper. Highly watchable, with some great moments, yet overall curiously unsatisfying.

Essentially, Hackman and his crew snatch a load of swiss gold from an airport, and whackiness ensues. Most of it consists of oh-so-cool crims spouting witty dialogue at each other. Plot twists galore.

Sometimes I just wish Mamet would put more effort into telling an entertaining story and developing characters rather than trying to impress us with his oh-so-clever dialogue. The result is an flood of increasingly weird and irritating Mamet-english and robotic, tedious speech patterns, where every character seems to be trying to outdo the other in coming up with something obscure and cool to say. You just wish someone in the damn movie would answer a question with a yes or no or just shut the hell up and get on with it. The endless plot-twists as exposition gets tired after a while, and leaves you not caring that much about a story that could have been told so much better.

Worth a look, but don't expect too much.

: Now this was good.

Divorcee Jodie Foster and daughter move into a seriously expensive Manhattan mansion with an inbuilt secure or "panic" room. Their first night in the house, three thugs break in, looking for the loot which just happens to be hidden in the guess where.

It succeeds on a number of levels. It's concise, well-paced, to-the-point and looks fabulous. Credit to the production team and cinematographers. Unusual too for a thriller to be set in such a confined space. Well executed original ideas, good actors, and top-notch suspense.

It's David Fincher's best effort since his masterpiece Se7en. The Game was fun but ultimately shallow. Fight Club started brilliantly and descended into almost unwatchable crapola after the halfway point. He's back to just telling a good no-nonsense story with loads of tension.

Next time though, I'm hoping he drops the dark-n-gloomy moodiness and switches tone a little. Five films now dude: it's time to turn the lights on or film in the daylight.

More on Tex's Great American Beer Quest

I've gotten lots of feedback from my American readers after my request for info on decent USA brews. It's rather telling that these patriotic folk all told me the same thing: there aren't any.

Actually, that's a half-truth. The message seems to be: any american beer popular enough for me to have heard of it is undrinkable shite, but there are some worthy micro-brewery products worth seeking if I'm lucky enough to source any. Some names mentioned:

Delerium Tremens (bwaa!! There's really a drink called this?)
Mud Shark Porter
Anchor Steam
Fat Tire
Bridalveil Ale
Red Hook
Sierra Nevada
Black Butte
Mirror Pond
Anchor Steam
Yellow Dog
Arrogant Bastard Ale

There also seemed to be a remarkable concensus regarding the geography of quality american microbrewing: The Pacific Northwest is apparently the jewel in the american beer crown. Philadelphia is a good beer city I hear, and last but not least, Colorado is apparently the ant's pants.

James Morrow, Andrea Harris and The Dodge have posted their thoughts on the matter.

To everyone who responded: thank you. Hopefully I'll get around to answering each e-mail. In the meantime folks, keep your thoughts rolling in, my American Beer Quest is an ongoing effort: tex {at} whackingday {dot} com

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Wanna see my previous rants against lefty, commie, peacenick wankers, plus lots of fun stuff about motorcycles, music and movies?................ Click here for the full past whackings index