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Quote of the day

Cats are little bastards.......they're tiny used car salesmen with fur and fangs
- Penguinboi

The latest must-have personal transport machine

The Wheelman!! I gotta get me one......

Thanks to Mommabear for sending me this link

Adams really loses it

Phillip Adams' insane screeching may have just reached new heights in today's column

So, congratulations to bin Laden. The death toll in New York and Bali will be nothing compared to the body counts in the Muslim world as the White House exacts its terrible and opportunistic vengeance. Bin Laden is helping create the imperial US he detests – his activities are calling it into being. Behold the vortex of violence and hatred and mutual incomprehension that will give us, if not World War III, then Armageddon in slow motion.

Just so you won't have to read the rest of it, here's the synopsis:

Dubya's regime!!!!!...crushing dissent!!!!.....world domination!!!!!.......we're all gonna die!!!!.....he's gonna bomb Kyoto!!!!!...crushing liberties worldwide!!!!...we'll all be invaded!!!!...axis of evill!!!!....rude christian fundamentalists!!!!!...bullying the UN!!!!!....it's all about oilllllll!!!!!.....lackey australian government!!!!!!......stolen elections!!!!!!

There you go. Never let it be said I don't provide a service for my readers.

Poor deluded fool :)

The months of battling with jew-hating conspiracy nerds has clearly damaged Damian Penny's mind. The poor lad is lusting after this car.

will do 0-60 in 5.6 seconds, the quarter mile in 14.2 and tops out at 153 mph. And it's less than US$20,000. Car and Driver basically says it's a beast to drive - but you simply can't go that fast for so little money.

Hahahaha. Try one of these dude:

Kawasaki ZX-12R
0-60mph in less than 3 seconds
Top speed (measured): 180mph
Price: US$10,990



Quote of the day

Can't sleep...clown will eat me
- Bart Simpson

Wot he sed

Scott Wickstein comments on our asian nature

Amen brother

Black Stalin

Malcolm Fraser's favourite African is up to his usual fun n' games: notably, starving opposition supporters to death.

But the price of such persistent opposition has been high. For three months,
the ruling Zanu-Patriotic Front party has blocked food shipments into the
district, in a blatant and ruthless use of food as a political weapon in the former
British colony.

Cradling her baby in her arms, Ms Mwinde said she and her children had not
eaten for two days. They have survived for months on leaves, roots and seeds
from the bush.

The food situation is similar in scores of villages around the district. Standing
in the doorway of his one-room hut, Samson Munkuli, 48, says he has not
eaten for days. The muscle and flesh on his arms and legs have wasted away.
He is a living skeleton, but he will not live long.

Being black and socialist, Mugabe fits nicely into the "politically correct tyrant" category. Yet another nice person John Pilger, Kerry Nettle and the SMH's letter-writers aren't too worried about.

Blair on Pilger

Tim Blair does a nice dissection of John Pilger's latest TV appearance. If you ever needed convincing that Pilger is a paranoid, dishonest, amoral lunatic, this will convince you.

Iraq horror

The Pilger-loving crowd love to talk about the non-existent enormous casualties caused by "sanctions". It's rather telling that they never like to talk about this stuff.

Frequently, confessions are extracted by torturing not only the prisoner, but his family members as well. His wife and daughters are raped, and sometimes beheaded, as he watches. His children or grandchildren – in many cases mere toddlers – are burned with cigarette butts; their eyes are gouged out; all the bones in their feet are crushed; their ears and limbs are amputated, one at a time. If no confession is forthcoming, the youngsters are slaughtered. Moreover, some of these prisons actually house the children of suspected dissidents – children younger than twelve who are packed into cells and left to rot amid pools of their own excrement, blood, and tears.

Ah, but we all know Dubya is the most evil man on earth...right?

Ennui II

Today was worse than yesterday. I need a holiday.


Peace and lurrrve

We right-wing-ish bloggers are a bitter, hate-filled lot. Fortunately, someone has come along to set us right: please welcome healer, activist and guru Derek Sapphire into the blogosphere. Man, I need to buy some crystals and incense baybeee....

The mighty warriors of Jihad

Brilliant cartoon here.


Not much to blog about today. Boring news day, and another shit day for this author in general. I really need a holiday.


Quote of the day

To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.
- Unknown

Why I'm glad this fella has won the last 3 elections

Prime Minister John Howard's superb open letter to the father of a Bali bombing victim. Just wait for the usual parade of loons to write in complaining about this.

Impolite questions for Osama & his appeasers

Bleeding Brain will never make a good leftist with this kind of attitude.

Naughty thoughts on multiculturalism

Brilliant piece over at Bovination.

Death of woman provokes non-interest in sensible people worldwide

Crusading right-to-life dingbat Margaret Tighe is predictably outraged. Strangely enough, so is Tim Blair.

What great horror has inspired such passions? Lisette Nigot - a 79 year-old perth woman - decided of her own free will to take her own life. She wasn't ill, she'd just had enough.

But what really gets the pro-statist conservatives and jesus-freaks outraged was the peripheral involvement of euthanasia campaigner Dr. Phillip Nitschke:

Lisette Nigot was not ill. She was not in pain. But she was 79 and, quite simply, did not want to live to 80.

So last week the retired academic took a fatal overdose in her Perth home, leaving a suicide note describing the euthanasia campaigner Philip Nitschke as her inspiration.

Yesterday, Dr Nitschke released that note, which Ms Nigot had pinned behind her bed. "After 80 years of a good life, I have [had] enough of it," she wrote. "I want to stop it before it gets bad."

Blair responded:

And when might that badness have kicked in? Five years from now? Ten? Twenty? Nobody will ever know!

Pardon me Tim, but what exactly does this have to do with you? Her life, her decision. Her hand was not coerced, she was not tricked, she was not brainwashed. She made a decision which affected her own existence and endangered nobody. So, let me ask...what exactly is your problem with this? Whether she killed herself to avoid old age, stop pain, or avoid Big Brother III, it was her own damned business, not yours.

(Maybe there's a danger other old people will follow suit and make a decision of their own free will. Gadzoots! Watch me while I yawn....)

For a bloke who blogs consistently on the themes of do-gooder lefties, idiot bureaucracy and excessive traffic rules, your apparent sudden faith in politicians, bureaucrats and the clergy to make someone else's most crucial life decisions looks a tad ludicrous. Freedom for me and none for thee, eh?

Hooray for the bloody wogs

Just what we need: another angry wog


Quote of the day

Beloved depressed me, and I spent all night searching for a chinchilla in a mess known as my room. My dog and cat were bugging me too. Why does my night feel like a post-modern existentialist farce?
- Cantinera

Idiot health scares

Our old mate Azza Oakley has a few words about the dingbats who began a health scare over - of all things - Coca Cola.

Sportsbike comparo

OK, back to writing about - you know - motorcycles. Egad!

The most purely enjoyable class of bike (outside of the USA, which still loves 1920's tractors Harleys), is the hypersports class: the 1000cc four-cylinder pure sportsbike.

Earlier this year, I went shopping for one of these machines, after deciding my beloved Triumph Sprint RS just wasn't cutting it (beautiful engine, handled like a bathtub).

After ruling out the Suzuki GSXR-1000 and the mighty Yamaha R1 (both because the dealers were gits and they were too bloody uncomfortable), I decided to test the remaining two: the 2002 Honda CBR 954 Fireblade and the 2002 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-9R. Here's the evaluation I made 5 months ago.....

Honda CBR 954
The Comparison


Fireblade: 954cc in-line four - injected

Killer! Instant throttle response, with big grunt right off idle. Ferocious acceleration, linear powerband. The fuel injection provides for remarkable throttle response but at the expense of a very jerky ride, particularly on bumpy ground. Some will like it, some won't

ZX-9R: 899cc in-line four - the only bike in it's class still using carbs

Very different feel. Massive top end but not as much lowdown grunt as the blade. Slower & heavier throttle than the blade will not please many riders, but I much prefered it: less jerky ride while still offering crisp engine response.

Feels weaker than the blade until you start to hit 6-7,000 revs, where it really starts to boogie. Probably has a stronger top-end but there's little in it. And face it, this carbed engine just fucking screams above 7000rpm, giving the yummiest sound in the bike biz, and ensuring you're gonna be spending your riding time at higher revs

Being carbed, the ZX-9R takes much longer to warm up in the morning and requires a lot of dicking around with the choke, which is a pain.


Blade wins here on agility. Much quicker steering and an 18kg weight advantage (168 vs. 186kgs) means the 'blade will leave the ZX9 struggling in the twisty stuff. The handling on the blade is - quite simply - stunning.

Blade wins also on the suspension front, at least as pure "sports" riding is concerened. Simply a firmer, tighter setup from the world go.

The Kawasaki has very "road-oriented" suspension: softer settings for a more comfy ride. Front fork dives a bit under very hard braking. Still very much a sports bike, but definitely not as sharp as the 'blade.

Personally, for road use, I much prefer the feel of the Kawasaki. Yes, it's less nimble in the twisty bits but's it's still proper fast, and the added comfort and stability more than make up for it's extra bulk.


Both bikes have massively powerful stoppers, with the blade having the strongest. Again though, I prefer the feel of the Kawasaki brakes - this year's four-pot stoppers have loads more feel than last year while still being able to haul your ass to a halt in quick time. Eh, who cares - they're both phenomenal in this area.

Instrumentation/switchgear: The Honda wins easily - tidy dash with excellent digital speedo/trip meters/clock plus a fuel readout & warning light. The Kwaka looks dated, with analogue speedo, small LCD odometer/clock which is blocked from view by the clutch cable. Looks messy and old.

The switchgear on both bikes is excellent.

The kawasaki has another dated feature: the bloody reserve switch. Give us a warning light please Mr. Kawasaki. Having your engine stall with a truck up your arse is no fun. Having a nice little light blink at you gets the message across just fine. The bloody switch is impossible to change on the move.


Kawasaki wins easily: it's a supremely comfortable bike: not too much weight on the wrists or the ass, little vibration, a much nicer seat than the Honda. The fairing offers much better wind protection too.

The blade - while much more comfortable than the GSXR or R1, still has far too much weight on the wrists - I was in agony after 30 minutes. The seat is too hard as well.

Yep, the Kawasaki is the go for the long haul - you'll still be riding while Mr. Honda is stretching at the petrol station, and not just for comfort reasons: the Kwaka has a much better fuel range

Both bikes carry luggage well, but the Kawasaki has great fold-out loop straps under the pillion seat, and quite a bit of under-seat storage space. Check out the third photo on the right: two large bags strapped securely to the seat without need for ocky straps: to Andy Strapz hooked thru the fold-out luggage hoops worked a treat. The Kwaka has a nice looking rear-seat cowl you can fit if you're not carrying luggage.


Looks-wise, it's very much a personal thing. I love the gold of the ZX-9R but the striping is crap. The 'blade looks awesome in red but crap in the other colours.

The 'blade is the more compact, "high-tech" looking of the two machines. It definitely has a better looking cockpit. The ZX-9R is bigger and has more "presence", despite looking a tad more dated.

Dunno, I guess it's a tie as far as looks go, but as far as sound is concerned, fuggedaboutit!!! The incredible sounds the ZX-9's carbs produce when the tap are opened is unequalled in motorcycling. Produces a yummy gurgling noise at idle too. By comparison, the blade is whisper-quiet.


It's no secret that I bought the ZX-9R. It's an inferior bike on paper: no injection, heavier, slower steering, some dated features.

But the Kawasaki is greater than the sum of the parts: it's something you want to get on and ride.....all day. A great looking and awesome-sounding machine, with a rock-solid chassis, great comfort and a stonking engine.

The 'blade, despite it's apparent advantages, just didn't stir the soul as much. Don't get me wrong, it's a stunning piece of machinery, but it's relatively uncomfortable ergonomics and narrow-minded racetrack focus made this a bike I respect rather than love. Still, if you're a more hard-core sports rider who doesn't do more than a few hours of riding on your day off, you'll probably find the 'blade more to your liking: sharper, meaner and leaner.

Regardless, what you have are two machines capable of giving you a woody every time you ride 'em. They are simply the best experience you can have on two wheels.

If you have the time, I highly recommend checking them out.

Kawasaki ZX-9R



Quote of the day

You can rape me but no touching my drugs baby
- Zoopie

The new chess?

At last, a variant of chess that seems worthy of the name: Omega Chess.

Most chess variants are either gimmicky or unplayable, yet Omega Chess, against all the odds, succeeds brilliantly at giving us a genuine "new" style of chess. No wonder it's already been endorsed by Grandmasters Alex Sherzer and Judit Polgar.

Omega chess keeps all the classic appeal & strategies of "real" chess, whilst adding all kinds of new elements to the game. It returns the game to one based on instinct and skill rather than rote knowledge of pre-set openings.

I can't explain it all. Go take a look, and play their sample game.

New Socialist Goon is out

Don't miss it. Yet another page-turner of commie hysteria and hypocrisy (a communist complaining about "fascism" and "trampling on democractic rights" is always good for a laugh). My favourite is this article, claiming the australian media are racists for coming to the shocking conclusion that Indonesian Muslims were responsible for the Bali bombing. Oh, there's also a howlingly bad romanticised reminiscing about the 1917 revolution - the catastrophe which followed had - of course - nothing to do with communism. Read it all, it's magnificent stuff.

I'll get to it, I promise......

Still weeks behind on my e-mail. Thanks to all who have written in. I've read and appreciated every one of them, and I'll be responding eventually. In the meantime, keep the mail coming folks: tex {at} whackingday {dot} com


It's always fun to whack bad celebs

What a hoot this is: you get the impression Captain Scott doesn't like Brittany Murphy?

You gotta love governments

In London, a team of fearless undercover operators has broken up some frightening criminal activity: illegal dancing.

The "religion of peace" is at it again

Now 105 people are dead thanks to a lot of rampaging Islamic psychos protesting against the horrors of the Miss World contest.

It won't be long - of course - until someone suggests that this is all the result of insensitive westerners. It's nothing to do with Islam, oh no....

Another blog

This fella rides a motorbike, and his blog is called The Misanthropyst. That's two reasons to go look at it.

The Madness of Bobby Fischer

A lengthy, brilliant essay on the life, chess and insanity of one-time chess genius-turned-psycho Bobby Fischer. Thanks to Pejman for the link.

Looking for older whackings?

Wanna see my previous rants against lefty, commie, peacenick wankers, plus lots of fun stuff about motorcycles, music and movies?................ Click here for the full past whackings index