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Responsible advice for teenagers

At last, a down-to-earth, realistic source for information on teenage sexuality.

(Link courtesy of Anne-Sophie, Quebec.)

Why does Labor hate freedom of speech?

Great piece by Eddie Weston at

Quote of the day

Fuck you, Michael Moore, you opportunistic fat freaky fucker.
- Michele

The lies and lies of Fatty Adams

Enraged by the war's fast progress, Phillip Adams oh-so-smugly smugly shoots down non-existent predictions;

The loyal PMs are promised a quick, clean, 24-hour war.

"Some muslims are mad at us. Let us surrender before we become Americans"

Um, who by Phillip? Care to name even one example?

But wait, there's more straw men to be burned;

There will be mass defections, mass surrenders, insurrection. Baghdad will be transformed into a Disneyland democracy. Not only will Hussein's hierarchy be shocked and awed by US might but so will recalcitrants in the region.

It will be a war without mistakes, a war without body bags

Hey, if you say so fatso, because noone in the military or coalition governments has said this. Not that truth ever plays a role in leftist argument.

But it's time to ask the question – the question that should have kept us out of this mess in the first place. What's in it for us? Apart from troubles we didn't have and certainly don't need.

Troubles we didn't have??? Just what the fuck would you call Kuta you delusional Trotskyite surrender-monkey dipshit?

Of course, the dishonest, hypocritical moral sewer that is the left has tried to push the blame for that onto our Iraq policy, when even the fucking bomber said it was in revenge for our intervention in East Timor. Naturally, like his ideological bum-boy John Pilger, Phillip can't handle the idea that a policy favoured by leftists might have been to blame.

Apart from moving up the al-Qa'ida hit list, we're on the nose in the region – with neighbouring Muslim countries seeing us as US lapdogs.

Yes, let us have our foreign policy be determined by our betters in the Islamic fundamentalist movements of Indonesia, Malaysia and the Phillipines. I guess this is the Australian left's idea of being a visionary people not dependent on those evil Americans.

Watch the arse-licking Phil, you'll dirty your beard.

You're a taxpayer-funded bludger, coward, tyrant-appeaser and liar. Get a real job, socialist pisspuppy.

John Pilger: liar, fascist, psychopath, traitor

Our favourite tyrant-worshipping weasel writes another raving nut-job column. We'll begin with some rather noteable excerpts;

Believing their own propaganda, the military brass has been stunned by the Iraqi resistance.

Brothers United In Struggle

Um, no they haven't, the pinko press has. And while they've been wetting their pants, the coalition has been making stunning progress.

They have tried to belittle the militia defending Basra with lurid stories that its fighters are killing each other.

Wrong again - the fighters have been killing civilians: par for the course in the noble Iraq regime Pilger so admires.

Now, get a load of this vomit-inducement;

The truth is that the Iraqis are fighting like lions to defend not a tyrant but their homeland. It is a truth the overwhelming majority of decent Britons will admire.

Oh, those brave lions of the desert!! This is the greatest example of tyrant-masturbation since Robert Fisk's love poem to Al Qaeda. The overwhelming majority of Britons admire the brutal Iraqi paramiltias? This shows how far Pilgers mind has descended into madness. There's plenty of nutty raving too against media conspiracies, past injustices by The Evil West, and not one bloody word about the crimes committed by Saddam himself, or any suggestions on how to deal with him.

Let's tell the truth:

- there is NO atrocity a third-world tyrant could commit against his own civilians or the west which would bring unequivocal condemnation from Pilger.

- there is NO policy the west could implement against Saddam which would not bring Pilger's unequivocal condemnation. Pilger wants tyrants to live long and prosper, because they are the personification of his destroy-the-west fantasies.

Pilger's entire mission in life is the weakening of western security and democratic capitalism. Nothing, nothing, can assuage Pilger's screaming, insane hatred of the USA and western democratic capitalism. Nothing, nothing, no rivers of blood, no mountains of bodies, will ever justify action by the west against any tyrant.

The mind of Pilger is a whirlpool of neo-fascist ideological cant which at no point ever makes contact with actual human suffering, geopolitical realities or anything else which does not directly feed his Stalinist fantasies.

Pilger is a traitor and a menace to the human race.

Media war stupidity

John Podhoretz delivers a reality check to the war media.

BBC staffer criticises biased war coverage

The BBC's coverage of the war has come under fire from one of its own correspondents in the Gulf who has fired off a furious memo claiming the corporation is misleading viewers about the conflict in Iraq.

Paul Adams, the BBC's defence correspondent who is based at the coalition command centre in Qatar, complained that the corporation was conveying a untruthful picture of how the war was progressing.

Anyone who's been watching BBC World can hardly be surprised at this.

Sometimes a gun is the only way to spread peace

While Robert Fisk prays for an Iraqi victory, Johann Hari injects some rare sanity into The Independent.

When it eventually emerges that the Iraqi people wanted this war, will the anti-war movement recant?

Not bloody likely.

Who are the real imperialists here: those who want to carry out the wishes of the Iraqi people, or those who want to ignore them in the name of a non-existent peace? And, yes, it was non-existent. There is no peace if, at any time, people can be captured, tortured, burned or raped. Read the Amnesty reports. This was the everyday reality of Saddam's Iraq. Only the dishonest can say that British and American soldiers are interrupting "peace"; they are interrupting a decades-long war, waged by Saddam against the Iraqi people, to bring it to an end. Do not weep that this happening; be proud.



Sorry peace gits....

...but I'm afraid that despite the protestations of the ABC, The BBC, The Guardian and The Sydney Morning Herald, we seem to be winning the war in Iraq.

THE war in Iraq yesterday was a story of the dog - or many dogs - that didn't bark. Iraqi forces remained unable to launch significant counterattacks. Irregular forces failed to mount serious threats to our rear area. Regime officals continued to wave their arms and tell us that now we've really made them mad. And allied forces continued to move toward Baghdad.

Steven Den Beste comments;

Look at the big picture. It isn't going perfectly for us, but it's going extremely badly for Saddam.

and James Morrow chips in with some statistical facts.

Someone tell the media these things. Lateline host Tony Jones has spent tonights entire show practically begging his guests to tell tales of upcoming Iraqi military triumphs. And BBC World is unbelievable, fortelling the next coalition disaster with every piece of good news: "yes, they've secured Um Qasar, but a vicious fight awaits them at Basra" etc, etc.

Anti-semitism in Cuba

More fun from the left's favourite totalitarian shithole.


Another one

I've finally added Angie Schultz's fine blog The Machinery of Night to the link's list. Angie is one of the few enlightened folks who appreciates light-on-black text.

A real reason to worry

A few details of Saddam's secret weapons program. The implications are unpleasant.......

(Thanks to Carol B. of Maryland for the heads-up)


Reader Dave S. writes in with some humorous observations on a certain recent news item....

So I'm watching CNN, and the anchor and the ex-military guy are discussing the fragging incident. And they're shaking their heads and saying how they just can't understand it, and how bizarre and inexplicable it is, and what could possibly have motivated this man to kill his fellow soldiers?

Gee, I dunno. What could possibly have motivated Sgt. ASAN AKBAR to kill American soldiers in Iraq? It's a poser, ain't it?

There's an elephant in the living room and nobody wants to talk about it.

The only thing inexplicable to me is that everybody said the guy was a "loner" and was acting "weird" and "funny" and was pissed that he wasn't going on the line because they apparently thought he had some serious problems...


For future reference for anyone who's not clear on the concept, here are some pairings you want to avoid:

Frat boy --- drunk girl.
Drunk girl --- nailgun.
Baby --- antifreeze in a sippy cup.
Disgruntled Muslim --- grenades.

-Dave S-
(who should never be left with a cheerleader)


What's this shit?

Proving that the Indymedia crowd don't have a monopoly on insanity, the formerly sane Silent Running scribe Murray gives us these psychotic ravings;

Just fucking carpet bomb the whole miserable fucking country now. The Iraqis have shown by their actions that they are just as evil as their leader and they are guilty either by action or inaction of maintaining the regime. They are all guilty. They have no claim on our pity on our help on our blood or our mercy.

Yeah baby, kill em all and let God sort 'em out! Hey, it worked for William Calley.

They are all guilty? The families of murdered dissidents? The brutalised/terrified citizenry? All those sinful children? The women Uday has grabbed off the street, tortured and raped? The Marsh Arabs? The people who greeted coalition soldiers with hugs and kisses? This taxi driver in this story? The citizens of Halabja? Maybe there are some sinful toddlers in Baghdad who are in on it too.

Hey they all look alike right?

Murray, what the fuck is the matter with you? By associating an entire population with the deeds of a vicious, murdering tyrant, you're saying the entire country should share his fate: you're advocating genocide, you dig? Dr. Joseph Goebbels couldn't have done better.

John Pilger may not give a shit about Iraqis but at least he's never called for their extermination. Christ almighty. Go get some therapy, now.

I'd show all the text and fisk it, but I just ate. I'm still wondering why these folks and these folks are providing a forum for this nauseating assload.

(update: Sasha has added a disclaimer, disassociating herself from Murray's psycho-post)


Richard Dawkins throws a hissy-fit

Richard Dawkins: Chair of European Intellectual Snobbery at Oxford University

There are few sights as amusing as watching a lefty lose their temper. Biologist Richard Dawkins cracks a massive wobbly with his latest hysterical Guardian column: Bush is gonna kill us all, Bin Laden's dream is coming true, Dubya stole the presidency, the USA constitution is sick, Americans are stupid religious freaks, etc.....

Osama bin Laden, in his wildest dreams, could hardly have hoped for this. A mere 18 months after he boosted the US to a peak of worldwide sympathy unprecedented since Pearl Harbor, that international goodwill has been squandered to near zero. Bin Laden must be beside himself with glee.

I guess he would be, if he a) wasn't dead, and b) wasn't having his entire organisation wiped out piece by piece.

Imagine how it looks from Bin Laden's warped point of view...

Quite dark, given that he's buried under cave rubble.

Even better, in 2004 Bush may actually win an election. Who can guess what that swaggering, strutting little pouter-pigeon will then get up to, and what resentments he will arouse, when he finally has something to swagger about?

Notice how the practice of democratic elections horrifies leftists?

Dicky really loses the plot further down the column.....

Bush seems sincerely to see the world as a battleground between Good and Evil, St Michael's angels against the forces of Lucifer. We're gonna smoke out the Amalekites, send a posse after the Midianites, smite them all and let God deal with their souls. Minds doped up on this kind of cod theology have a hard time distinguishing between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. Some of Bush's faithful supporters even welcome war as the necessary prelude to the final showdown between Good and Evil: Armageddon followed by the Rapture.

Oh, and you really must read the last section where Dawkins blubbers that people like Saddam are a natural by-product of corrupt political systems like the American constitution.....

I showed this article to Tom Paine this evening, and his response sums it up nicely: "I think his head just exploded and the wet stuff more or less spilled out onto the page, so the Guardian printed it."

Mwahaha...oh dear...bwahaha

More horrible news for Bob Brown and the other peace creeps;

The latest demonstrations come as opinion polls show public sentiment appearing to swing behind the governments in Australia as well as in the United States and Britain.

The Newspoll, conducted for The Australian newspaper show a dramatic shift in public opinion from overwhelming opposition to a near even split for and against the war.

The poll of 800 voters show 58 per cent either support Australia's decision to commit forces to the Gulf or believe the troops should remain there now that they are engaged, even without UN backing.

Does that mean the self-righteous bozos who squealed that Howard was 'going against the will of the people' will now support him? Of course, it was these same morons who howled with rage about Howard being a "populist" during the whole Tampa affair. Leftists have a rather fickle commitment to democratic principles.

Senator John Faulkner attempts an emergency spine insertion procedure on Simon Crean

Crean doesn't know if he's Arthur or Martha

Just days after his demand to bring the troops home from Iraq, federal opposition leader Simon Crean now says they should stay there and finish the job.

In other words, he wants the troops to complete a task he considers immoral, illegal and detrimental to Australia's security.

Has federal Labor ever had a more inept leader? Admittedly, it's a tough job: trying to appeal to Labor's blue-collar heartland while appeasing the increasingly vocal loony-left faction and attempting to formulate a remotely responsible economic agenda.

However, it's Crean's lack of principles, lack of a clear agenda and his utter lack of regard for Australian sovereignty in his kowtowing to every UN committee in existence which is seeing him flounder so painfully. He is a man people recognise as being bereft of ideas and wholly untrustworthy.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: this man is unfit to lead this country, now or in the future. It's time this pooch was put to sleep.

Human shield admits his own stupidity

Stunning article by reformed "human shield" Daniel Pepper;

We on the bus felt that we were sympathetic to the views of the Iraqi civilians, even though we didn't actually know any. The group was less interested in standing up for their rights than protesting against the US and UK governments.

I was shocked when I first met a pro-war Iraqi in Baghdad - a taxi driver taking me back to my hotel late at night. I explained that I was American and said, as we shields always did, "Bush bad, war bad, Iraq good". He looked at me with an expression of incredulity.

As he realised I was serious, he slowed down and started to speak in broken English about the evils of Saddam's regime. Until then I had only heard the President spoken of with respect, but now this guy was telling me how all of Iraq's oil money went into Saddam's pocket and that if you opposed him politically he would kill your whole family.

Read the rest, it's truly remarkable stuff.

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