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What to do with NASA?

Stephen Dawson has some ideas.

Healing Bosoms

Bad news abounds here and in the US. Fires, train wrecks, the shuttle gone.

So here's something to cheer you up: shockwave boobies!!!!

Check these out

The Philosophy of Rafe Champion and The Ghost of a Flea.

Shock, horror: Richard Neville says "America sucks!!"

Displaying all the intellect and wit of a lifelong loony-asylum inmate, Richard Neville gives us his new essay: Get'n ready for a good ole Texan BBQ.

Subtle huh? I liked the section equating sanctions with weapons of mass destruction.


Quote of the day

I wonder why these fruit bat celebs don't apply the same standards of proof to their stalkers as they do to Iraq?

- Paul Wright


Quote of the day II

I am not going to debate any further the reasons for this Iraqi action with the likes of people like you. You are sickened? Well, I and many of my countrymen are sickened also. We are sickened by your moral corruption, your ethical cowardice, your intellectual dishonesty, and your smug, fawning, diseased inability to judge right from wrong, or even make ANY decision of any weight or consequence whatsoever.

- Bill Whittle, responding to a European peacenick

Rock and Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We like the Moooooooooooooooooon!!!
But not as much as a spooooon!!
Coz that's more use for eating soup!!


Dress up Jesus

Is this the greatest website of all time?

The economic insanity of Noam Chomsky

Excellent essay by Barry Loberfeld, displaying the frightening logical vacuum at the heart of Chomsky's "libertarian socialism" (surely one of the greatest oxymorons).

She can dish it out, but she sure can't take it

Hate-america leftist nut-job Karen Jackson - who I mentioned two days ago - has not reacted well to being criticised by myself, Tim Blair, Andrea Harris and Michele.

The predictable yelping about lack of reasoned debate is in evidence. Kinda strange from a gal who decided to spread a load of neo-socialist, hate-filled cliches about America, painting that nation as a bunch of stupid, world-hating bloodthirsty cowboys.

For gawd's sake Karen, grow up.

Update: Karen's not the only person capable of thick-witted cultural cliches: Andrew Dodge applies his own deep Karen-esque analysis to Australians.

Aussies in my experience (with very few exceptions) are like rednecks with less sense of rythmn, humour and style.

Tim Blair is the exception and people like Karen are the rule alas.

mmmmmmkay.... Aussies are all leftist nuts like Karen and we're all rednecks? What is this guy smoking?

Moreover, if we were all "like Karen", it seems likely that a> Karen would have got more then 4.8% of the vote in her electorate, b> her leftist party wouldn't be plummeting into political oblivion, and c> non-leftist "exceptions" like Tim Blair wouldn't have have won the last three federal elections.

Having some knowledge of the subject at hand can work such wonders......


Quote of the day

I have decided that our idiot peaceniks live in a fantasy world wherein they need explain nothing, because they filter out, before it strikes their consciousness, any fact or idea that threatens to be something more than a congenial inanity.

- Stephen Dawson

The Deep Thoughts of Carmen Lawrence

Gareth Parker has some words about the high-profile cabbage-brain Labor peacenick.

Freshly-squeezed commies

There's a new edition of Unwashed Totalitarian Psychopath out. Go read it and be entertained.

Somebody needs hugs

The screeching from the Pro-tyrant peacenick brigade grows louder and ever more hysterical.

Take this classic from the Sydney Morning Herald's webdiary section: Karen Jackson - a member of the Australian Democrats (stop giggling) - has written down ten reasons to be an Anti-American. In it, she displays all the penetrating intellectual insights that make the Australian Democrats the mighty force they are today.

Here she goes......

1. They claim to be the greatest democracy in the world, yet only a small percentage of their population even bothers to vote. This means US governments gain power via pathetically small margins about 49,000 votes in the last congressional election. And this is labelled government by the people!

Welcome to the psycho-left's idea of "real" democracy: people being forced to vote. Well, it worked for Saddam and Castro.

Whats more, getting elected in the US now requires vast amounts money, and corporate sponsorship. Naturally this results in big business gaining more than their fair share of government help. Is that democracy?

Well, yes. Real World 101 begins here kiddies.

And does that give them the right to invade other nations in the name of their democracy?

No, then again noone said it did. What point are you making, arseclown?

2. Americans love trumpeting on about their love of freedom. However, they are currently dismantling a great many civil rights laws in their attempts to rid themselves of terrorism.

You will notice the lack of specifics here.

At the same time, hundreds of prisoners of war remain in Cuba without legal representation, and with no hope of a trial.

Which means they currently enjoy a higher standard of living than the people actually living in Cuba (not that you'll ever hear any concern about them from the pro-tyrant left). Not bad for prisoners of war.

More murders occur in the US than any other Western country because of their freedom to own guns.

First off, why would that make you an anti-american? Their gun laws don't affect us, honey. Besides, Canadians own lots of guns too, and their murder rate is lower. And Britain seems to be having some problems with violence right now, despite progressive-thinking anti-gun legislation.

The Bush government is keen to crack down on freedom of speech when it comes to sexually explicit material, something the vast majority of Americans indulge in. And sodomy is still illegal in dozens of US states. Is that freedom?

Not really, then again, it's more freedom than you'll get in an awful lot of countries that you seem to approve of. You know, like muslim and communist ones.

Whats more, the propaganda that says the terrorists hate our freedom is just so much bullshit.

Is it? Go read up on the concepts of Sharia Law and Ummah. Idiot.

Its not freedom that these people hate; it's America's hypocrisy.

No, Ms. Goebbels, advocating the extermination of jews and homosexuals doesn't have anything to do with "America's hypocrisy". Seeking the establishment of a one-world muslim government doesn't either. Nor does blowing up a nightclub full of young holiday makers in Bali. Nor does wrapping women in Burquas and treating them as cattle.

3. The Americans are supposed to be the good guys. Yet they have, over the last 50 years, engaged in numerous dodgy interventions in other countries, including Vietnam. On many occasions, this has involved supporting despots, and being accessories to mass murder. We have no proof that will allow us to believe they have learned from their mistakes.

At last, a legitimate point.

Then again, I could treat this idea a lot more seriously if the likes of Jackson actually spent time criticising regimes that commit genocide themselves. And they do it for fun. At the very least the USA supported creeps like Pinochet to prevent something every more horrid (and I'd take Chile over Cuba any day).

But don't wait for any anti-North Korea/USSR/Castro tirades from these bleating hypocrites. This crowd are quite happy to ignore human rights issues where atrocities are commited by politically correct dictators.

4. The US champions free trade for everyone else. When it comes to steel, or their farm products, or any other US product with a vested interest, the rules don't apply.

Yes, but it's the same in lots of other countries. And how amusing it is to see a member of the Australian Democrats complaining of too many trade barriers.

Hypocrisy? What hypocrisy?

5. They have consistently undermined the UN for the last 10 years at least, and then have the gall to say it is a spent force and impotent.

Yeah, because we've seen how tough and effective the UN was in Yugoslavia and Rwanda, and how it's steely determination disarmed Saddam.

The UN: the geopolitical equivalent of being slapped in the face with a wet lettuce.

Their unswerving support of Israel is part of this, to the point of defending Israel when it defies UN resolutions.

I thought you said the UN wasn't impotent? And they can't even enforce resolutions on a tiny country like Israel?

And fancy the USA supporting the only democratic regime in a continent that wants to exterminate them. The mind of the leftist is a true moral abyss.

6. When other countries defy or ignore international treaties, they should be bombed. When the US ignores or abandons international treaties, they are asserting their rights as a sovereign nation.

Not signing Kyoto vs. genocide. moral equivalency to see here folks....

7. The US public has an incredible ignorance of the outside world, thanks to their media, and an accompanying arrogance.

Not that mindless generalisations from Australian Democrats are ever ignorant or arrogant.

When Bali was bombed, we didnt hear a peep out of them.

Well, except for the thousands of Americans who donated money, you stupid assfuck.

Australia was mentioned in passing as being south of Indonesia.

Note the lack of a quotation to back this up. Is this baseless bilge the best you tyrant-loving twats can come up with?

Chances are that most Americans won't know that Australia is about to be one of their few allies in the coming war. The less you know about the rest of the world, the more mistakes you can make.

As we've seen Ms. Jackson, you don't seem to be in any position to preach on this issue. And why should this make us anti-american? Exactly how much knowledge do you think people in China, Ghana, Mongolia and Sudan have about the rest of the world? They seem to know even less, but of course, not being Americans, they are the good guys.

8. The general neglect of the US's own people when it comes to education and healthcare is atrocious

Sure they have problems. Then again, why is it that the USA has the world's best universities and doctors? Why do people fly to the USA to have operations? Is it because they're the worst in these areas?

Their system of funding sees terrible inequity in these areas, and reinforces cycles of poverty. The US should be looking to clean up its own backyard, perhaps using some of its defence money to educate its children.

Yeah, they've got soooo much to learn from the friendly North Koreans and The Middle East in this area. No problems of health or education in those countries.

Of course, you tyrant-tolerant "peace" folk don't apply your moralistic standards to non-western nations, do you?

9. The US consumes vast amounts of the world's resources, and its people are some of the most affluent in the world.

Revelations abound.

Yet they ignore their responsibility toward the environment (eg Kyoto)

Third world nations who are the worst polluters didn't sign up to Kyoto either, but you don't hate them, do you? of course you don't, they're not Amerikkkans. Funny too, you didn't mention that the USA is a much cleaner, greener place than those shitholes of enlightened non-capitalist ideals.

and see oil as a birthright.

Says who? Well, I guess that's why they've invaded oil-rich Canada. Wait... they haven't have they? Dammit, isn't this supposed to be all about oiiiiiiil??

If the US had developed sustainable energy technology and industries, this war with Iraq would not be inevitable.

Right. If those evil Americans recycled more, there would be no muslim tyrants, no islamic terrorism. The Islamofascist world would put down it's Tome Of Ecological Demands and give everyone hugs.

10. Jerry Springer.
Interestingly, Australia is also guilty of many of these transgressions (for Jerry, read "Stan Zemanek"). Perhaps the difference is that were not as proud of it as the US.

Except I've not heard one single american say they were proud of Jerry Springer. Not that facts ever get in the way of anti-american babblings.

Reasons to like the US
1. The Simpsons and Seinfeld.
2. Star Wars (except for Jar Jar Binks)
3. Squirrels
4. The ideals behind their bill of rights.
5. The Grand Canyon
6. The friendliness of everyday Americans

Gasp in awe at the deep intellectualism of the hate-america left. She likes squirrels. Awwww!! If only this gal was in parliament.

Anti-Americanism: the ideology of the lazy, the ignorant, and the loser.


Bill Whittle on war with Iraq

I can't recommend this essay highly enough.

Jews in space


Australia as the next USA state?

Fritz Pettyjohn of California writes in.....

I see occasional left jabs accusing pro-American Aussies of desiring
American statehood for Australia, and imperialist American right wingers of
plotting the same. It's ridiculous in many ways, of course, but let me add
a perspective.

I'm as right wing as you can get without being a nut, and the last thing I
want to see is any dimunition of Australian national sovereignty. Let me

An electorate which is capable of twice electing Bill Clinton, and giving a
plurality of the popular vote to his political heir, cannot be trusted.
It's entirely possible such voters could empower a series of administrations
which could completely eviscerate our Constitution, rendering the USA into a
Canada writ large. At that point I would become a political refugee seeking
asylum in Australia.

Well said Fritz :)

The War

Stephen Dawson has two excellent posts up at the Oz libertarian site: "What's an Iraqi War got to do with libertarianism?" and "United Nations support of the war? Why?".

Weekend in Sydney

It was eventful.

Went up on the train on Saturday morning. Spent the rest of the day at The Big Day Out.

My verdict? Kraftwerk - of all people - blew everyone to the weeds. The Deftones were good but suffered a muddy sound mix. The Vines started great but became repetitive awful quick. This was a problem with pretty much all the three-chord semi-punk acts: they all sounded the bloody same.

PJ Harvey and her guitar made a louder, nastier impact then all the lame-ass male rock acts put together. Were it not for Kraftwerk, she would have been the highlight of the show.

Crashed for the night on Tim Blair's couch. He and his (much) better half were kindly providing accommodations despite being busy with housemoving. James Morrow was there too, having joined us for a late-night vino-n-pizza session. I had two bottles of Lambrusco by myself, which was a bad idea.

Woke up Sunday with a brutal hangover. Made it to Darling Harbour an hour late to have lunch with Sydney bloggers Paul Wright, Jason Soon, Zem and Jack Strocchi. A fine bunch of gents.

Unbeknownst to me, the reason I was an hour late was I'd been looking at the wrong clock in Blair's house, which was an hour slow. Of course, a) I didn't have my own watch, b) didn't bother to ask that it was displaying the right time.

Oh, and of course I thought our train was leaving Sydney at 6.45pm and not 6.15pm. Despite some heroic 'emergency commuting' by Mr. Blair, we missed the train by minutes.

Fortunately, we were able to grab the last bus service out of Sydney, which of course blew a tyre on the way home. We got home at 1am instead of 10.20pm. Oh well. It was still a fun weekend.

The other creepy Williams parent sez aussies are racist

Loudmouth race huckster Oracene Price - mother of Australian tennis open winner Serena Williams - reckons Australians are all racist after her daughter got booed during the final.

Ms Price said: "I guess it's because the environment of tennis has mostly been white. Especially over here in a culture where you see that people have conquered other people who were indigenous to this country.

"And the same thing in the US. I think it's a bit of arrogance, more or less: who has to be on top and who has to be on the bottom."


Mugabe controls the weather

Africa's most politically-correct murderous psycho is taking action against the weather. He might find this a little tougher than starving people.


Quote of the day

Why the fuck can anyone not get that North Korea has no interest in disarming, since it allows them to keep a strangle hold on their own people, Mercedes in the garage and free nuke reactors and fuel oil from the West? All they do is ratchet up a crisis, get more free stuff, sign papers that mean nothing to them, keep on doing the illegal war stuff, and start the cycle all over again.

I am thinking we need to start lobbing bombs, not platitudes at these fascist freaks.

- UNwilly

Hi there folks

There's gonna be a slow-down in new posts on this site for the next day or two. I'm off to Sydney to watch The Big Day Out and catch up with some Sydney bloggers.

In the meantime, check out some of Tex's Greatest Hits.......

AIDS, gays, and the White House

I love this woman.

"bushfires are great for the economy" - eh?

Mark Harrison at takes on some of the economic numbskullery surrounding the Canberra bushfires.


Desmond Tutu: hypocrite

Frontpage delivers a bollocking to the Winnie-worshipping windbag.

The Canberra bushfires & insurance stupidity

Mark Harrison comments on the brilliantly idiotic taxes levied on home insurance in the ACT. As Mark says: is it any wonder so many Canberrans do not take out home insurance?

And while we're on this subject, Strawman has an interesting idea: sell all fire-fighting assets to insurance companies.


still getting to it.....

I just checked: I've got about 50-60 unanswered e-mails still to get to, some dating back a couple of months. My apologies for my abysmal performance in replying to the great messages so many of you have sent. I'll make sure to get to them all this week.

Looking for older whackings?

Wanna see my previous rants against lefty, commie, peacenick wankers, plus lots of fun stuff about motorcycles, music and movies?................ Click here for the full past whackings index


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