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One of the correspondents in this month's Stalin Lives! magazine is calling for the destruction of Israel.

Nice people these marxists.

This week's Greenie Left report

This weeks Pogrom Weekly Green Left Weekly is as "entertaining" as usual:

--- they're fellating Fidel again

Castro was, indeed, humble and self-critical about the country's economic failings

Well good thing he's self critical, because criticism done by others tends to end unhappily. Oddly enough, what's good enough for those unappreciative swim-to-Florida niggers in Cuba doesn't seem to sit too well with our socialist bretheren here at home, even in the mildest of imitations. Then again, leftists generally ask others to pay the price for their ideological comforts.

--- You can sign their pro-Castro petition. Woo!!

--- A review of Matrix 2 so pathetic only a commie loser could write it. Check this out:

One possible reading at least sees the matrix as a metaphor for the bourgeois ideology that binds people to the system, and the rebels who must both battle the state and free people from their illusions as anti-capitalist revolutionaries.

It may not be quite the Leninist understanding of the inter-relationship between the lived experience of the working class and oppressed and revolutionary organisation (in fact the ``unsaved'' masses are virtually invisible and irrelevant in Reloaded), but a rough analogy is there.

The Matrix's vision of liberation may be contradictory, mysterious (at least until part three, Matrix Revolutions, is released in November), and perhaps elitist. But that doesn't mean we can't exploit those representations in popular culture that can have a progressive meaning. Anything, even in capsule form, that suggests the need to tear away mystifying illusions, to be committed to a struggle for liberation and to organise for it can't be a bad thing.

After all, it was a red pill.

You get the impression this guy needs to get laid?

--- some loser poetry. Let me summarise:

Big Marxist book,
Wrapped around my cock,
Gives me a happy.

Yeah, those Palestinians REALLY, REALLY want peace

I'm, like shocked man....

The Palestinian prime minister, Mahmoud Abbas, has pulled out of Israeli-Palestinian talks on the US-driven "road map" announced earlier today by his Israeli counterpart, Ariel Sharon.

Mr Abbas cited "scheduling difficulties", but the cancellation of the meeting, which was to be held tomorrow, was interpreted as an indication that the Palestinian leader does not see any value in meeting Mr Sharon.

Never mind. Everyone will blame the evil Israelis, and you guys can get back to your national sport: homicide bombings.

Today's carnival of insanity

Hey Hey!!
I'm crazy!!

Richard Neville - less a writer than a flesh-covered mound of swirling madness - is back with his latest essay: Murdering The Matrix, marketing missiles, marrying machines

I had hopes for The Matrix Reloaded. The first version - a Metropolis plus spaceships, kung fu, drugs – captured the subliminal shift of awareness at the end of the 21st Century. That the natural world was giving way to the New Global Church of the Silicon Chip. The merging of flesh and technology is gathering pace . The victors of the Gulf War are the killing machines, and the shareholders of the corporations who make them.

mmmkayyyyy: b-movies as metaphor for the Zionist War Machine.

The Matrix encroaches on the senses with the first handful of popcorn, as the ads unroll. Scenes from the blockbuster are intercut with scenes selling Mars Bars, or is it fast cars, or is it both? Long before the opening titles, Matrix the movie is promoting Matrix the lifestyle.

This (as with Phillip Adams) is Neville's favourite contemporary bogeyman: the evils of virtual reality. Neville's been waffling for years that we'll all dissolve into a virtual porno-coca-cola commercial and there won't be anyone left to make love to trees. On and on he's blathered, looking for his portents of doom.

The issue at stake is control of the future – will it be man or machine? Both in plot and marketing, the machine is gaining the upper hand.

Oh, here we go.

The packed houses at the sequel’s multiple screenings had less to do with artistry or imagination than with the power of Hollywood’s publicity machine.

The human-run publicity machine. oops.

The first Matrix had charm, quirkiness, a delicious sensation of fear. The new Matrix has a mighty budget and minuscule emotional impact, despite Keanu Reeves’ interminable orgasm.

You mean, some sequels suck? The end is nigh!!!

Still, the underground dance party is fun. Agent Smith, who turns his colleagues into copies of himself, is the parable of Rupert Murdoch.

Yeah. Richard once claimed on TV that H.R. Geiger's Alien design was a "penis with teeth", in some kind of evil corporate metaphor for AIDS. Or something.

Oh, and then there was his breathless revelation that the commercial failure of the lousy Dan Akroyd comedy Coneheads was the results of a conspiracy against immigrants. I am not making this up.

Overall, Matrix is an arms sellers bazaar, a Star Wars Expo, in which humans are pitted against The Terror. This terror is never-ending, just like the movie itself, which is “to be continued”, just like the doctrine of pre-emptive strike.

This is beyond parody.

Was it just me, or did anyone else notice that the vilest character in the movie is French? Worse, a Francophile weasel; arrogant, lecherous, pointless; the spitting image of Dominique de Villepin, the French foreign minister who won applause from the Security Council when he warned that an occupation of Iraq would be messy. Hollywood knows who butters its bread.

In case you hadn't noticed, Neville has a serious hard-on for the EU.

The next three paragraphs are an amusing, deranged rant, having something to do with AI, potatos, and evolutionary theory.

Like it or not, the merging of flesh and machines is unstoppable. It’s as if Dr Frankenstein is about to marry his own monster – only it’s not a monster after all, apparently, but a kind of saviour, a way for us to enlarge our capacities - repair our organs, extend our age, cure the blind, raise IQ’s, eliminate disease.

Flesh and machines merge. He has no examples of this of course, but it must be true because he saw it in a movie.

Scientists are the marriage brokers, and the rest of us are mail order Russian brides … bound for the Matrix. While this wedlock is supposed to make me immortal, such a prospect is sure to terrify my children.

Not just them, nut-boy. You're off your fuckin' rocker, you know that?

Those Lovely Deposed Iraqis

Hearing stories like this just makes you feel horrible that we violated Iraq's sovereignty:

Last October another bride, 18, was dragged, resisting, into a guardhouse on one of Uday's properties, according to a maid who worked there. The maid says she saw a guard rip off the woman's white wedding dress and lock her, crying, in a bathroom. After Uday arrived, the maid heard screaming. Later she was called to clean up. The body of the woman was carried out in a military blanket, she said. There were acid burns on her left shoulder and the left side of her face. The maid found bloodstains on Uday's mattress and clumps of black hair and peeled flesh in the bedroom. A guard told her, "Don't say anything about what you see, or you and your family will be finished."

...and this is one of the nicer ones.

The End of Britain

...hello creepy EU constitution.

The Guardian is - of course - outraged by the skepticism directed towards the glorious collectivist future the EU promises.


The Lifelog Project

There's something disturbing about this. Here's another article on it.

Thanks to Carol B. for the link.

Save the internet!! Make a donation!!

The best idea I've heard in ages.

What the fuck is going on?

I swear, my spam has doubled in the last few weeks, and I'm getting maybe 4-5 times more than I was a year ago across all my e-mail accounts. Are most other people experiencing this?

Defending tyranny

Martin Jacques in The Guardian mounts this grotesque defence of "sovereignty". And who's sovereignty does he defend? Why, Saddam and Mugabe's of course.

The position Jacques takes is the worst kind of patronising, juvenile, racist cultural relativism: that human rights and democracy are western, colonial, chauvanistic notions, which should not be imposed upon the noble cultures of the past.

There is a widespread view in the west that our values are the right values, that we know best, that every country will sooner or later take our road, that everyone will end up, at some point in the future, looking like a variant of ourselves.

What's that then - human beings?

Embedded in this lack of respect for other cultures is a barely concealed racism.

Dammit, that's what our favourite thugs Mugabe and Mahatir have been telling us all along. If only we had listened.

The fallacy of "libertarian socialism"

Perry De Havilland dissects this ludicrous ideology in a masterful fashion. If you're interested in LIbertarian issues, give it a read.

I'm arguing about the anti-war movement again

Go to the Aus Libertarian forum, and read the "...and Norway?" thread. The ALS dinners are a lot like this actually: steak, beer and arguing for bloody hours. Kinda fun really.

Gazza has the good stuff

Gareth Parker has a good post on the screeching hypocrisy of a Labor Hollingworth critic. He also points to and comments on a letter at Slatt's place, from an ex-Labor worker discussing the appalling Queensland Premier Peter Beattie's rather curious lack of effort in comdemning infamous Labor child-rapist Keith Wright.


Grabbed myself a bunch of DVDs recently...........

Bourne Identity

A good espionage/action thriller, with the exception of the inclusion of the all-too-common ballet-kung-fu sequences. Doesn't anyone have real fights in movies anymore? I've had enough of this pansy Matrix-style martial-arts dancing.

Personally, I'm a sucker for this sort of spy/action/conspiracy flick. Guns, European cities, car chases and babes. What more do you want?

Resident Evil

Man, this is one of the biggest pieces of crap ever made. Computers and Zombies run amok in some underground research facility...or something. Highlander 2 had a better script than this shitpile.

Now don't get me wrong, I love a good B-movie, but this is an F. I've seen episodes of Sesame Street with more tension. And the sets could have been dragged in from old Dr. Who episodes.

The film has one big plus: Milla Jovovich not wearing many clothes.

Reign of Fire

Now this, my friends, is how you make a B-movie: by getting good actors, a good budget, and making it like an A-movie. Essentially, the world of the early 21st century is overrun by dragons. Director Rob Bowman (X-Files) does a top-notch job of creating the post-apocalyse atmosphere. Christian Bale plays the noble hero well.

And the dragons look great. Could have used more dragon-silhouette-against-the-sunset shots to create a real end-of-the-world feel, but otherwise, the top-notch production values and playing-it-like-drama direction make this nutty B-story a massively entertaining experience.

And hey, those dragons are bad motherfuckers.....


Today's moron

Tariq Ali is back, and he's still blaming the west for everything.

Shock: Sanctions NOT to blame for Iraqi deaths

Thanks to Damian Penny for the heads-up on this:

Under the sanctions regime, "We had the ability to get all the drugs we needed," said Ibn Al-Baladi's chief resident, Dr. Hussein Shihab. "Instead of that, Saddam Hussein spent all the money on his military force and put all the fault on the USA. Yes, of course the sanctions hurt - but not too much, because we are a rich country and we have the ability to get everything we can by money. But instead, he spent it on his palaces."

"Saddam Hussein, he's the murderer, not the UN," said Dr. Azhar Abdul Khadem, a resident at the Al-Alwiya maternity hospital in Baghdad.

Not that this will stop Pilger, Fisk, Bob Brown and every other leftie scuzball from peddling the same old lies.

It's about bloody time

The Blair Blog Project has finally escaped blogspot.

In case you didn't see it

Over at Sasha's site, I posted a report of what I got up to last weekend in Sydney.

Boobies in the sun

Ya gotta love tourists.

It's safe to come out now boys

Vijay Singh and Greg Norman can now unshrivel their dicks.


Two Tom-isms

Tom Paine over at Silent Running mounts a defence of Danny's Glover's right to free speech. I remarked (in the comments section below the post) that Glover hasn't had his rights infringed in the slightest.

Tom also gives us a fine post about leftist apoplexy over the coming visit to Aus by President Bush.

I also predict comparisons will be made between John Howard and Harold Holt, who was supportive of the United States over Vietnam. In the demonography of the Australian Left, his "All the way with LBJ" stance was a humiliating loss of sovregnity, a sycophantic suck-up.

Of course, any support of the United States is a humiliating loss of independence, while having Gareth Evan slither under the doors of assorted Asian despots with a tube of KY jelly in his hands and a willing look in his eye is an example of rugged self-reliance.


economics 101

Today's Guardian has a stunner of pure stupidity.

Don't collect too much of this stuff... it's like evil man!!

Martin Kettle opens by wringing his hands and asking three really deep questions:

Modern politics in every European country faces the same three great challenges.
- The first is how to respond to the unique power of the US.
- The second is how to cope with the effects of large-scale international migration.
- And the third is what to do about deepening economic inequality.

May I take a stab at these, tovarich?

1- Forget the USA and get on with your own life, you sad farts.
2- Stop fundamentalist Muslims from entering your countries.
3- Um, gee, perhaps try reducing government interference and trying some good old market-style liberalisation?

Hmm, maybe not. Buying into the usual leftist delusion that earnings are somehow arbitrarily determined by some evil moneyed cabal, Martin comes up with a really bright idea: set a cap on executive salaries.

Ministers can sound confident enough when they tell Labour audiences of their pride in having introduced a national minimum wage. But if someone suggested to them that they should introduce a national maximum wage as well, they would think the idea was madness. If you asked a minister to say whether there was a moral or a rational case for anyone to earn less than £2 an hour, they would know exactly what to say. But if you turned the question round and asked whether there was a moral or rational case for anyone to earn more than, say, £250,000 a year, they would dismiss the idea as ridiculous.

Great idea fartknuckle: watch companies and talented aspirational individuals leave your shores, investment plummet and lots of your precious minimum wage workers suddenly not earning a minimum wage anymore. This would be followed by an outbreak of non-consumption, a resulting collapse in businesses nationwide, even more unemployment, a crippling welfare bill, an obliterated private sector, and pretty much no way of digging yourself out of your nice little ideologically-correct shit pit.

Then you can be free to enjoy economic equality - Pyongyang style.


The Tex Awards

The one we've all been waiting for. My Blog Awards. They are mercifully brief.

Best solo blog: Damian Penny
Best group blog: Samizdata
Best weird blog: Hot Buttered Death
Best cranky bastard: Kim Du Toit

Best blog overall: Samizdata

Thank you for watching. The award winners may leave their brown envelopes at the door.

Random movie lists

Movies you probably haven't seen but should

Aguirre: wrath of God

Kinski-as-conquistador speaking of his grandiose dreams of world conquest to a raft full of small monkeys - one of the classic images of modern cinema.

Ghosts of the Civil Dead

The most disturbing prison movie ever made. Makes Midnight Express look like the Playboy mansion. Unfortunately, someone decided to cast Nick Cave in it.

The Hot Spot

A film-noir almost nobody saw, which given the presence of Don Johnson isn't that surprising. Set in a blazing hot, small Texas town, Johnson's drifter gets caught up in a world of hot babes, robbery, dumb cops and the wonderfully sleazy William Sanderson.

Movies everyone reading this probably hated but which I liked

The Thin Red Line
City Heat

Critically acclaimed movies which made me go "huh?"

The Wonder Boys - still liked it, but fuck knows what it was supposed to be about.

Anything in the godawful Three Colours trilogy.

Paris, Texas
- 2+ hours of living death. Bony weirdo wanders the desert with meaningful expressions on his face. Preferable to a colonoscopy...just.

Movie crossover I'd like to see

Young Guns vs. The Wild Bunch

Pike, Dutch and the Gorch brothers would have turned those whiny, pansy-assed brat-packers into fertilizer.

Divas on parade

Is anyone getting as tired of professional sports wussy-men as I am?

Leyton Hewitt screams incessantly at officials to blow off steam from the pressures of earning millions of dollars for hitting a little yellow ball around. Oh, what labours.

Glenn McGrath explodes when the West Indian batsman makes a joke about his wife's cancer. A ghastly thing to be sure, yet McGrath had no problem with hurling his own foul-mouthed adolescent abuse for hours beforehand, or during pretty much any other game where any batsman has the temerity to belt him all over the park. Yet when it's fired back at him, McGrath - the big baby - throws a tantrum.

Worst of all, Greg Norman and Vijay Singh - two of the many incredibly boring and filthy rich slobs of the pro-golf scene (the most overpaid wussies in the world of sport) are going apeshit about having to play with a girl. Guess their manhood must feel challenged.

Why don't you all treat yourselves to some fruit baskets, you pansies.

The Free Canadian

The world's best solo-blogger finally has his own site. Go and enjoy.


Quote of the day

The "Roadmap to Murderville" is predictably leading to more dead Israelis. Every time there is another push towards peace, Palestinian terrorists desperately start murdering Israelis in an effort to thwart the process. That's a given.

But, here's the obvious truth so many people don't want to accept -- the Palestinians don't want peace.

- John Hawkins

New columnist at The Green Left Weekly


Say hi to the Eco-psychos' latest star columnist: Fidel Castro.

The world's most beloved mass-murderer makes this rather interesting claim:

In our country there are no paramilitary forces or death squads, nor has violence ever been used against the people; there are no extrajudicial executions or torture.

Sure, you scumbag.

Still, pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the greens, doesn't it?

The world's dullest blog

This is pretty dull.

Personally, I've seen worse. Tim Dunlop for instance.

It's about time

NSW Premier Bob Carr has announced a four-year trial for medically prescribed cannabis.

I'm wondering if our illiberal federal government will stick their wretched, intrusive noses into this trial as well.

Bloggers go to greener pastures

Dave Sims doesn't screw around when it comes to a career change, he's going to manage a coffee shop in Turkey.

Meanwhile, Sydney libertarian Jason Soon is London-bound. Make sure to hook up with the Samizdata gang while you're there mano.....

Best of luck to both of them.


If you haven't already, read Bill Whittle's latest brilliant essay. UFOs, magic, monsters, Noam Chomsky and Michael Moore all star in this commentary on modern irrationality.

We won, get over it

Failed Labor slimy bitch Carmen Lawrence is still whinging about the war.

Looking for older whackings?

Wanna see my previous rants against lefty, commie, peacenick wankers, plus lots of fun stuff about motorcycles, music and movies?................ Click here for the full past whackings index


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