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Shocking news: a German says "screw having fun, there's work to do"

Well really, whatever happened to the relaxed, carefree Germany we've all come to love?

New link

Zem is kinda like a live newsfeed with the dull stuff cut out. An interesting "blog" to scan on a regular basis.

Vampires, guns, blood and other fun stuff

Watched the DVD of Blade 2 on my big-ass home theatre screen last night. And whaddaya know, it was a darned fine effort. Frankly, I'm not a huge fan of teenage actioners, martial arts shite and whatnot, and most comic book adaptions suck walrus dick.

This film worked because it was focused, to the point, and (praise gawwwd) they didn't camp it up. The production design and atmospherics were truly superb, going for a slightly more "old euro-goth" feel than the techno-steel look of the first film.

Just combat scenes, stunning visuals and some unusually clever plotting for this genre of film (though overall still extremely low on logic). No tedious romance shit or "meaningful themes" either. Only real downside was the often atrocious soundtrack, with some jarringly out-of-place techno-rap junk. Sounded like Mortal Kombat discards.

Oh, and Nyssa is a babe.

And hey, how can you resist a move with Ron Perlman as the head of the bad-ass vampire gang?

Not to mention the amusing cultural oddness of former wimp-teen-popster Luke Goss as the head of the mutant Reapers. Even stranger is that he does a good job.

On the extras side, this DVD actually has an interesting making-of doco that for once doesn't seem like a piece of sanitised mush. And director Guillermo Del Toro makes a damned amusing interview subject. Quite a few deleted scenes and other behind-the-scenes stuff.

Overall, if you liked the original, you're really gonna like this one. All the action of the first (though some of the fights dragged), with stunning production values, genuinely great FX, and a much creepier atmosphere.

Darned good fun, and a fine DVD.

The Sage on the whole Islamonazi Pork Fat thingy....

Regular reader Sage McLaughlin has some thoughts on these matters...

Noticed your remark about wrapping dead terrorists from the Religion of Submission in dead pig. It would probably work, except for one thing.

Right now Muslims in the Middle East face a crisis of credibility within their faith. There is a widespread suspicion that Allah might not actually give a shit about them, that the Koran might be a pack of lies, and so on. This is because they currently occupy the bottom rung of the civilizational ladder, except for Sudanese slave traders, who after all have the Religion of Submission to thank for their depravity as well. When you combine this with the fact that the Jews have managed to hand them their own steaming entrails on a hot plate five different times in fifty years, the notion of worldwide submission to Allah looks like a dim prospect.

This latest jihad is, at bottom, a last desperate attempt to prove that Allah really is on their side, the gods really do smile on their religion, and that they are the harbingers of the Ultimate Holy Truth. Their entire faith depends on this being the case (Christ, meanwhile, promised his followers that they would be scorned and persecuted, like the Jews before them, and that they could not expect to have their reward on earth, so the worse things get for Christians the more vindicated they feel).

So the only thing that is going to stop this latest round of bloodshed from the Religion of Submission is total, apocalyptic defeat and final humiliation on the field of battle. Followed by a good kick of bloody sand in the face. That will be the ultimate repudiation of their insane belief that Allah's will can be demonstrated by total Muslim conquest of the West, and the eradication of all other forms of civil life. Then, perhaps, with no other options, the Religion of Submission can finally reform itself and learn to play well with others.

By the way, I call it the Religion of Submission because Islam, properly translated, means "submission," not "peace," and absolutely everything is in that difference. It reflects what they wish for everyone else, and it also
reflects what is going to be visited upon them, at least in the Arab world, if this course is not corrected. So submission is what they plan to dish out, but in fact I predict submission is what they will be learning a hell of a lot about in the coming years.

They sure will....they can count on it.


Fatwas: coming soon from a Religion Of Peace near you

Another great Frontpage article.

Bury them in pork

Frontpage again, with some hard-hitting non-PC ideas about how to deal with Islamonazi psychos. It includes this fascinating historical lesson;

Plagued by Islamic terrorists in the southern Philippines, U.S. Army General John "Blackjack" Pershing's troops captured six Muslim guerrillas in 1911. "You'll never see Paradise," one officer told the militants before five of them were shot with bullets dipped in pig fat and later shrouded in pigskins and buried among pork entrails. The surviving terrorist was allowed to escape, whereupon he told hiscomrades what he witnessed. The jihad stopped immediately, and peace prevailed for years.

It worked then, let's make it work now.

UPDATE: Snopes reckons the Pershing story is an unconfirmed rumour (thanks to Zem and Capt. Heinrichs for the heads-up). Even if it's an urban legend, I still say it's a fine idea.

Fun night out

Went to the Australian Libertarian Society dinner last night. Held at the Koreana Korean BBQ restaurant in Dickson. You select your own food (as much as you can eat) from a buffet and cook it in your own BBQ. Yeeeoww. Heaven on a plate I tells ya. We then followed this up with some more drinking at a nearby bar.

Met many fine folks, inc. bloggers Alex Robson and Mark Harrison, plus the only slighty yuppie-ish Duncan Macfarlane from The Australian.

So nice to be surrounded for once by people who believe in free trade and don't have wet dreams about Whitlam and Keating. There were, however, one or two very bad poets in the crowd. We need some more cuts in arts funding to thin out their ranks a little.....

I can report some exciting blog news: Duncan and a group of the lads are creating a new Australian libertarian Überblog along the lines of Samizdata. They even offered to make me a contributor, which I gladly accepted. Should be up in a few weeks.

Anyhow, it was a pleasure gents. Must do it again some time.

More bullshit from the Sydney Morning Herald

From a fawning piece on Michael Moore by Stephanie Bunbury, check out this assload.......

The publisher also wanted Moore to put up $US100,000 ($179,000) of his own money to re-publish if he ever wanted to see it on the shelves. He tried, without success, to negotiate. The book was released in the end only because news of its suppression had spread on the internet and become something of a literary scandal.

There were no publicity tours, no chat-show appearances, no advance copies dispatched to reviewers. The idea was that the book would quietly disappear, but something else happened. Stupid White Men ... and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation shot to the top of The New York Times best-seller list and stayed there, despite the fact that the liberal newspaper hasn't reviewed it. In Britain, it topped the best-seller list before it was released, thanks to internet sales. And in Australia it remained in the best-seller list for three months. Moore had become, no doubt about it, a phenomenon.

A perfect example of the appalling state of Australian "journalism". A writer from a "respectable" broadsheet writes the sort of grovelling bilge you'd read in a "we love saddam" column in The Iraq Daily. All of Moore's lies, loony censorship conspiracies and delusional martyrdom ravings are swallowed by the SMH hook, line and sinker.

And these Fairfax wastrels still have the nerve the squeal about the loss of "standards" that would result if Packer took them over.....

Idiot & The Fundamentalists

Painful windbag actor John Howard: a man who's only "talent" is having the same name as our current PM, and who's greatest contribution to Australian culture is giving endless "apologies" on in the guise of the PM on TV (which causes premature ejaculation amongst our leftie community), is here seen in a lovely photo, with the friendly Sydney muslim cleric who rants about worldwide jew conspiracies. You meet such nice people in the left.

Nope, The Guardian still hasn't grown a brain

Some more nauseating moral equivalency from our regular british dopes. This time, John O'Farrell writes on the Miss World competition....

The original boycott was to protest against the sentence passed on Amina Lawal, a Nigerian woman condemned to death by stoning for having sex outside marriage. And now that hundreds have died in Nigeria as a result of this competition, there is something distasteful about the remaining contestants claiming what they want most is "world peace".

Yeah, you heard it. Hundreds are dead thanks to rampaging Islamonazi psychopaths and their misogynist rage, but O'Farrell says it's the fault of the competition.

Here's this loser, and he actually sees fit to complain about "naffest, most anachronistic event in the international calendar" - this apparent abomination against women's progress, while bothering only to make a few asides at a brutal, genocidal women-hating religion of peace, who'd wrap every woman on earth in a fucking burqa and beat them to death before they'd ever let them wear bikinis.

Never mind, we can all bask in the ideological righteousness of our politically correct bretheren, while the women living under (politically correct) islamic tyranny take their righteous punishments for offending the noble sensibilities of the glorious third world.

After all, the ideological comforts of the soft left are generally paid for with other people's lives.

Asparagirl's taxicab fun

I really, really hope she's making this up.


Quote of the day

yeah, and those who don't like it can suck my non-existent dick!
- Cantinera


More on why Europe sucks

Brian at Samizdata has an observation.

A birthday

Tex snr. turned 71 today. Many happy returns laddie, and the hope that there are many, many more birthdays to come.

Utterly Essential Site of the Day....................

This is just one of the funniest muthafuckin' websites you'll see: Little Tiny Wit run by a bloke called Steve H. Check out some of his hysterical columns and the "news" section.

I'm not kidding, this fella is a good a writer as Lileks.

Steve on motorcycles;

A motorcycle may look a lot like a bicycle with a gas tank, but in reality, there are subtle differences. Such as the fact that a typical sportbike does 0-60 in under three seconds. And if you really have a death wish, you can go to your dealer's showroom, hand over a check for ten grand, and buy a machine that will finish the quarter-mile about a hundred yards ahead of a Ferrari.

And people buy these things for their CHILDREN. Why do we argue all the time about whether it's okay to have an abortion? Wait until the kid turns sixteen and buy him a Yamaha. You see them all the time here in Miami, riding around in cutoffs and beach sandals. The cops call beach sandals "Cuban motorcycle boots."

Steve on american beer;

Since starting this site, I've remembered the days of my twisted youth, when I dreamed of traveling the world as the Apostle of Hops, drinking myself silly in the great beer towns of the world, waking in their gutters, and penning beery screeds intended to connect the dots between bad American beer and the same sickness of heart that resulted in dumbed-down cartoons, slow cars, gun control, and Jimmy Carter.

Real beer is made from barley. Generally. You can also make it with wheat. I'm sure that if you look around hard enough, you can find legitimate, quality beer made from almost anything, but bizarre niche brews aside, good beer does not contain corn or rice. The things Budweiser and all the other big-money American beers are made from.

Eventually, bean counters made their way into the beer industry like beer-souring bacteria infiltrating a tank of fermenting wort, and they realized two things: 1) you can make beer cheaper if you use crappy ingredients, and 2) the American public will drink raw sewage if you pimp it during football games.

People always talk about "the American public" as if it were some kind of slack-jawed, Guess-wearing brain trust. Politicians, many of whom got started as jury-ass-kissing trial lawyers, are always on TV saying "The American Public is too smart for THIS," and "The American Public is too smart for THAT." Well, guess what? If the American Public were a person, it would have to sleep in a bed with rails, wearing a hockey helmet. The American Public is the same bunch of goofs who made Jerry Springer rich and re-elected Bill Clinton.

Go read everything on the site, right now.

Thanks to John B. of Florida for the heads-up.


The kings of Oz

Finally met my blogdaddy last night - Tim Blair - who crashed at Casa Tex for the evening. In return for inhabiting the spare room and the pleasure of my stimulating company, the Good Blogger Blair provided large quantities of beer, wine and pizza.

Much intense discussion ensued, stories swapped and whatnot. Blogger Blair provided some very interesting off-the-record info about certain individuals. The tale relating to a particular american blogger might be the funniest thing I've heard all year.

Oh, we also drank a lot.

He even left all the spare booze behind, what a guy......................


Pure vomit

Robert Fisk is generally too idiotic and tedious to comment on, but this column promotes little other than nausea. He's managed to write a fawning tribute to Osama and his boyz......

But for Israelis, there is one big error in all this. By responding to al-Qa'ida's wicked assault on its civilians, it is taking on a mighty big opponent. For Mr bin Laden's men are not the hopeless suiciders that the Palestinians produce from their foetid refugee camps. The Afghanistan-trained men of Mr bin Laden's legion do not spring from the squalor of Gaza or the occupied masses of the West Bank. They are ruthless, highly motivated, intelligent – just for once, William Safire was right when he called them "vicious warriors" – and they may be more than a match for Israel's third-rate intelligence men. Israel's rabble of an army can kill child stone-throwers with ease. Al-Qa'ida is a quite different opponent. And if Mr Sharon wants to take on Mr bin Laden, he is ensuring that Israel goes to war with its most dangerous enemy in 54 years. Better by far to let the Americans tackle al-Qa'ida – and even they don't seem to be all that successful – than bring Israel into the battle.

Ooooooh, scary guys Bob. Bin Laden's brigade ran like a pack of arse-scratching zoo-monkeys when faced with American soldiers. America and Israel could turn the entire muslim world into fertilizer if they wanted to, you Osama-loving surrender-weasel. This is why the brave muslim warriors go after civilian targets Bob - because they're a pack of chickenshit neanderthal cavemen who are great at beating up women and blowing up schoolkids, and piss their unwashed trousers every time they face someone with a weapon.

Send these filthy al-Qa'ida goat-humpers up against an Israeli and American military target and see how long it is before their wahhabist asses are used as lawn furniture. Go on, I dare you, you "vicious warrior" guys.......

update: Rottweiler got here first. Heh

This is the world's best beer

Cooper's Sparkling Ale. If you don't agree with me you're a wanker. The Pale Ale is a mighty nice drop too.


The first of a feast of Frontpage goodies today. Thanks to reader Simon Roberts for sending in this link;

The reason is that the Arabs will not tolerate a Jewish presence in their states or anywhere in the Middle East. This is the source of the Middle East problem - Islam's war against the infidels; the Arabs' hatred of Jews. The Middle East conflict is not about Israel's occupation of the territories; it is about the refusal of the Arabs to make peace with Israel, which is an expression of their desire to destroy the Jewish state.

The Palestine Liberation Organization was created in 1964, sixteen years after the establishment of Israel and the first Arab aggression. The Palestine liberation movement was created at a time the West Bank was not under Israeli control but was part of Jordan. The Palestine liberation movement was not created so that the Palestinians could achieve self-determination in Jordan, which comprises 90% of the original Palestine Mandate and which is a majority Palestinian state. The goal of Palestinian liberation, inscribed in its original charter, was the "liquidation of the Zionist presence." In the words of its leaders, it was to "push the Jews into the sea."

That was the meaning of liberation then; it is the meaning of suicide bombing now. The root cause of the Middle East conflict is Arab and Islamic Jew-hatred. It is the Nazi virus revived.

What? Anti-semitism the cause of Palestinian violence against Israel? Noooooooooo

Fuck Europe

...says Oriana Fallaci, as she blasts this worthless collection of terrorist-loving euroweasel nations.

With [Arafat] you will always wind up systematically betrayed. This eternal terrorist who knows only how to be a terrorist (while keeping himself safe) and who during the Seventies, that is when I interviewed him, even trained the terrorists of Baader-Meinhof. With them, children ten years of age. Poor children. (Now he trains them to become suicide bombers. A hundred baby suicide bombers are in the works: a hundred!). This weathercock who keeps his wife at Paris, served and revered like a queen, and keeps his people down in the s***. He takes them out of the s*** only to send them to die, to kill and to die, like the eighteen year old girls who in order to earn equality with the fate of their victims. And yet many Italians love him, yes. Just like they loved Mussolini. And many other Europeans do the same.


I find it shameful and see in all this the rise of a new fascism, a new nazism. A fascism, a nazism, that much more grim and revolting because it is conducted and nourished by those who hypocritically pose as do-gooders, progressives, communists, pacifists, Catholics or rather Christians, and who have the gall to label a warmonger anyone like me who screams the truth.

The whole article is a stunner. Read it, damn you.

Canadian stupidity

As the article says, who's the moron now?

Vic election causes hell to freeze over.....

The Age actually has a swag of good opinion pieces on the same day. Ye gods!

First up, the often tedious Sean Carney lays it out in simple terms for the libs.....

After a week of spouting nonsense that hurt his own credibility and that of his party, Robert Doyle on Saturday night at last talked sense. "We need to learn from this," he told the Liberal Party faithful. "We need to learn we can't sit back for three years and try to do it all at the last moment."

For the Victorian Liberals, this piece of basic common sense is a revelation. They have indeed spent their time in opposition fiddling about - scheming, bitching and refusing to accept the verdict of the people back in 1999.

Surely now the Liberal Party will get it. Politics is not a game. It is about having principles and policies, and working hard. It is about going out into the community and finding out what matters to people and what needs to be done.

It is not about being opportunistic and pretending that flim-flam is substance. It is not about changing one leader for another and then convincing yourself that with that simple act the party has done all that is needed to make itself viable with voters....

....Sometime in the future the Bracks Government, today looking sharper, more astute and unquestionably more popular than any previous Victorian government, will one day look careworn and endangered. This is just the nature of things.

ABC election analyst Antony Green chimes in, as does Labor heavyweight (ho, ho) Robert Ray;

Regime change in Victorian Labor politics is a regular occurrence. Labor must never go back to the old ways of being good at spending money but not at raising it. After finally getting out of debt and well and truly matching their conservative opponents, now is not the time for ward-heeler mentality to prevail.

Good reading. Well done lads.


Idiot of the day

Check out this loon in today's Sydney Morning Herald letters page

Lisa Segal's suggestion (Letters, November 30-December 1) that the so-called "Palestinian terrorists" are "only interested in the destruction of the Jewish people and Israel" is about as convincing as saying the French resistance in World War II was "only interested in the destruction of the German people and Germany". After all, they too were legitimately resisting an illegal foreign military occupation.

By Segal's logic, the Kuwaitis were terrorists for resisting the Iraqi invasion. So too must have been the Afghans who resisted the Soviet invasion and the Jews who resisted Hitler. Of course, let's not forget those "terrorists" in South Africa who resisted apartheid and the Aborigines who resisted the British.

Come on, Segal. Stop blaming the victims for the crimes of their attackers.

Isaac Boxx, Austin (USA), November 30.

How wrong of us to think that suicide bombers are terrorists. They were merely delivering righteous justice to their oppressors (cleverly disguised as schoolchildren on buses and young mothers in cafes). All hail brave, noble Hamas!!

The next blockbuster

The Hindi version of Superman!!


This website is very short and to the point.

Looking for older whackings?

Wanna see my previous rants against lefty, commie, peacenick wankers, plus lots of fun stuff about motorcycles, music and movies?................ Click here for the full past whackings index