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Oh. My. God.

There is absolutely nothing to say except click here.

Pommie Twit sez "Skyscrapers Suck!!"

Another load of bilge in The Independent, brought to us by the very silly Janet Street-Porter, as she recoils in horror from the prospect of constructing more large buildings at the WTC site. You really should read the whole thing, but I had the highlight the conclusion.

If the anti-globalisation movement means anything at all, it is that commerce has to be conducted differently in the future. A 90-storey building, like a Big Mac, sends out all the wrong messages. Surely it's time to go back to the drawing board.

No further commentary required.

The deep thoughts of The Independent readers: "Americans are Wimps"

Check out this thread at The Independent's discussion boards;

I keep hearing this talk about how brave and courageous Americans are, whereas Arabs are said to be these huge cowards. Let's face the facts, America has revealed itself to be the biggest coward in the world.

Think about it:

Saudi Arabia is where all the terrorists have come from. Not Iraq.
North Korea looks like it is on the verge of having nukes. Not Iraq.
Iran is in the process of getting nukes - not Iraq.

But who is America choosing to attack? They choose to attack the country that they have spent the last ten years disarming. They choose to attack the country that has no significant weapons, communications, economy or infrastructure. They choose to attack the country to which they have complete knowledge of its defenses and capabilites gained in the last ten years.

That is who America picks as its enemy. Recruit the 'brave' pilots that bombed the fleeing IRaqis during the gulf war.

Shoot them down out of their 1975 jeeps with your three billion dollar planes. Use your ten thousand dollar guns with your infrared binoculars. Then come back to the US and tell the world what heroes you are.

There was a three times greater chance of dying in Washington DC, then there was of dying in the gulf war and most of that was from 'friendly' fire

What a laugh.

Courage is comitting yourself to die for a cause that you believe in. Courage is when a tiny island nation stands up to American intervention despite constant assasination attempts and American terrorism. Courage is standing up to organized military with sticks and rocks.

Americans know nothing about courage now. They were once a proud and brave country but no longer. Now they are filled with imperialists seeking out pretenses to declare war on the weakest opponent they can locate.

(well the weakest opponent would be Tuvalu, but why quibble with a writer of such intellectual depth?)

What I want for Christmas

I'm not particularly interested in guns, but I want one of these....

The Barrett M99 .50 Cal single-shot bolt-action sniper rifle. The price? A paltry US$3,300

I wouldn't mind one of these either....

The Barrett M82A1 - a larger, heavier semi-automatic version of the above. All mine for a mere US$7,300

The ultimate politically incorrect toy. Mwahahaha.

The Dirty Dozen

Go read Damian Penny's list of the 12 biggest scumbags of the year.



I'm not a big TV watcher. Let's face it, most TV is shit, and all TV weekly dramas are shit: there's nothing duller than the one-hour-per-week bulk fodder drama. Boring cop shows, soaps, medical dramas...Zzzzzz. You want great stories which get you in the gut, only mini-series or movies can offer them. Well, that's what I thought.

I've seen something this week which has blown that theory out of the water. Last week I purchased the boxed set of 24 - the assassination/action/espionage thriller where each episode covers one hour of "real time", and the whole series covers just one day: the day of the California presidential primary.

Kiefer Sutherland plays the head of the Counter Terrorist Unit in Los Angeles investigating a death threat against a presidential candidate.

This show didn't look that interesting when I started watching it on TV: the "real time" thing looked like a bad gimmick, and it had connotations of the wannabe James Bond "secret agency with kick-ass techno toys" childish garbage we see on shows like Mission Impossible and Alias.

Still, after the first two episodes I had to admit the show was pretty damned interesting. Unfortunately, I missed a couple of episodes, and this really isn't the kind of show where you can miss things and pick them up later, so I skipped the rest of the series and decided to wait for the DVDs

Well, whaddaya know. The show turned out to be monumental triumph, with none of the predictable flaws of the hour-long TV drama. A brilliantly written, well acted season-long thriller with not a single dud episode in the entire series, which has gotta be a first for TV. Whenever the show looked likely to go into a cliche, it didn't, constantly remaining interesting, tense, fresh and evolving. With the exception of a hammy performance by a well-known actor who appears late in the series, pretty much everything in this series was absolutely spot-on.

It's hands-down the best weekly TV drama ever made: it feels like a long mini-series (and yes, that's a compliment), with genuine cinematic scope. I'm also willing to bestow upon it the ultimate compliment: it doesn't feel like a TV drama.

I can't recommend it enough. It works better on DVD as well: widescreen pictures, no damned commercial breaks to spoil the tension and a better "flow" between episodes. Don't let anyone give you any details on the plot though. It works much better when you don't know where the show is going.

My compliments to all involved: 24 rocks.

Glorious sights & sounds

Ducati have been testing their new MotoGP v4 bike at Phillip Island. Some clever git with a video camera snuck in and videotaped the bikes. The file is a 4 meg download, and man, those Dukes sound great.

Gibbering Loons at The Daily Mirror

The Daily Mirror has a deliciously hysterical editorial;

It is true that weapons of mass destruction should not be allowed in the wrong hands.

But they are. They are in President Bush's. That is the greatest threat facing the world.

Mmmmkay. Your pixie dust and incense should be arriving soon......

Rethinking Gallipoli

Tom and Murray at Silent Running have a few things to say about some peabrain academic's opinions on Gallipoli.

A problem for anti-GM lefties

Aaron Oakley at Bizarre Science makes an interesting observation.


Quote of the day

Why do most of the proposed replacements for the WTC look as though they've already been attacked by terrorists?
- Vodkapundit

50 reasons why Lord of The Rings sucked

This is funny. Thanks to Carol B. of Maryland for the link.


This has gotta be a joke........

Children's board games have traditionally revolved around ruthless capitalism (Monopoly), world domination (Risk) and cold-blooded murder (Cluedo). But this Christmas, parents will be able to buy a new breed of alternative game, offering less aggressive ways of whiling away a wet afternoon.

The games are being marketed by a Sussex-based company, Gaia Distribution, and are designed to feed children messages of a more educationally nutritious nature than just "winner takes all". In fact, many of the games are played not on a competitive basis, but a cooperative one, so that no one ends up on the losing side and there are no tears either before or after bedtime.

Gaia's Garden, for example, can be played by one to six people, aged four and upwards. Whereas the rules for a game such as Monopoly can be summed up in one sentence - get rich and bankrupt your competitors - the instructions for Gaia's Garden take up a couple of pages and touch on horticultural compatibility and ecological interdependence.

Sound like fun kiddies?

Bruce Hill has some things to say on this subject.

Andrew Dodge vs. J-Lo's Bimbo Minions

There's an amusing tiff going on at Sasha Castel's site, where a deranged and indignant Jennifer Lopez fan is protesting against Dodgey's characterization of the showbiz queen as a petty, talentless, brain-dead bimbo.

Really Andrew, you should be ashamed of yourself (*cough*cough*)

Oh, happy birthday by the way.....

Boys, it's time to quit

INXS' current UK tour is pretty much a disaster. Even without their lead singer offing himself in '97, the band was a creatively spent force over a decade ago, with their audience and musical skills plummeting ever since the "X" album.

For gawd's sake fellas, get out while you still have a few shreds of dignity.

Simply superb

A brilliant three-pronged editorial in The Australian today: criticising the pathetic appeasers of Islamonazi scum, pouring scorn on the anti-globalism psychos, and praising Dyson Heydon's appointment to the High Court of Australia.

Ex-tennis Christian hag doesn't like lesbians

Former Aus tennis great and fundamentalist asscow Margaret Court is complaining about lesbians again. Get a life bitch.

Where the hell are.....

Paul Wright and Muslimpundit?

Why people hate the court system

A child rapist has been awarded $110,000 in general damages for being "deprived of his liberty, mental suffering and humiliation".

Oh, and a bunch of murdering scum have received almost non-existent sentences for bashing a teenager to death.

TV - Arafat style

This must all be a zionist hoax. Arafat really, really wants peace!!

The Boomerang of "Multiculturalism"

Another troubling FrontPage piece.


Telling lies for "the poor"

Samizdata has a great series of posts going on right now about the "rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer!" squealers. Excellent reading.

outh African politicians puff too much of the good stuff

From The Guardian today;

South Africa cannot afford drugs to fight HIV/Aids partly because it needs submarines to deter attacks from nations such as the US, its health minister said.
Manto Tshabalala-Msimang told the Guardian that budgetary priorities meant her department could not provide anti-retrovirals to the estimated 4.5m South Africans with HIV. "We don't have the money for that. Where would it come from?"

Asked if it could come from defence savings from leaving out the submarines which formed part of a £4bn arms deal, the minister said that South Africa needed to deter aggressors: "Look at what Bush is doing. He could invade."

File this one under sure...everything in Africa is the fault of white people.

Oh God, not her

The Australian has a wonderful opinion piece by Janet Albrechtsen on Kate Carnell - former Chief Minister of the ACT and raving loon: A woman with an extraordinary talent to create financial, human and political disasters from nothing. Now she wants a senate seat. God help us.

There are two reasons why the former ACT chief minister's bid for the Senate next Saturday should be dead in the water. The first is history. Her sorry record says it all. Carnell should be hiding in a dark corner ashamed of her political failures rather than looking for a promotion to the upper house on the hill.

The second reason is one of principle. Carnell represents everything that a conservative party should not be.

Amen. Let's hope we've seen the last of this nut-job.

Thanks to Alex Robson for the heads-up.

Fascist-lovings celebrities

MCJ has some thoughts on Hollywood's Castro admirers.

Alex Robson vs. paid maternity leave

Fellow ANU blogger Alex Robson has written a solid critique of the current plan for mandatory paid maternity leave. Sadly, something tells me this stupid scheme is inevitable.

Why socialists hate rich people

Oooooh, this will piss a few people off.

Yeah, man, it's all about justice for the Palestinians...or something

Charming people;

On Monday, the Hamas website showed a picture of an eagle pecking at the severed head of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. The caption read, "We will use the skulls of Zion's sons to build a bridge to heaven," according to press reports.

The banner praised the murder of Jews as part of jihad (holy war).

An earlier banner headline on the site, commemorating the ninth anniversary of the death of a senior Hamas official in Gaza, vowed: "We will knock on the doors of heaven with the skulls of Jews."

The accompanying pictures showed an axe smashing the word "Jews" and the skulls of Jews.

Nah, no anti-semitism here folks. Don't you all read Robert Fisk? It's all the Americans' fault.

One great thing happened today

Justice Dyson Heydon has been appointed to the High Court of Australia. Naturally, the ABC are horrified. The man could have no better endorsement.

Heydon himself has some important things to say about judicial activism;

The judiciary has a different character from that of a generation ago. There is within its increased ranks a large segment of ambitious, vigorous, energetic and proud judges. Ambition, vigour, energy and pride can each be virtues. But together they can be an explosive compound. Rightly or wrongly, many modern judges think that they can not only right every social wrong but achieve some form of immortality in doing so.

The duty of a judge is to decide the case. It entails a duty to say what is necessary to explain why it was decided as it was, and a duty to say no more than what is necessary. To breach the latter duty is a form of activism capable of causing insidious harm to the rule of law.

A danger for judicial probity arises where the court deliberately sets out to alter the law.

Amen. Welcome to the bench sir. The highest court in the land will benefit from your presence.

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