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Gotten a bunch of quality e-mail recently. Apologies to those who are still waiting for a response. I'm off to Sydney for the weekend, so when I get back I shall come up with clever and witty replies. Or something.

A question...

Has anyone else had problems accessing Samizdata in the last few days?

Double standards

Mark Harrison suggests the Governor General might dig himself out of trouble if he emulates the methodology of a certain well-known global political figure.


Quote of the day

Once you can accept the universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something, wearing stripes with plaid comes easy.
--Albert Einstein

It's all about me

1- I may be closing this site soon.
2- I'm semi-considering finding a job in California for a couple of years. Saw a couple of good jobs at the University of California at Irvine, and realised I could do them easily.

Shameless capitalist lust

Here's a list of stuff I want

Swift Recumbent Tricycle

Triumph Speed Triple

Taurus .38 Spl. (service model 82)

Apple G4 powerbook 17"

Remington Model 7400 autoloading rifle

Sharp XVZ90E DLP Home Theatre Projector


The wonders of "free" health care

We all know the enlightened, 'government funded' health care systems in places like Australia and Canada are vastly superior to what the evil, cold-blooded, greedy americans have....right?

Jane Galt doesn't think so.

The left's entitlement mentality

Superb post by The Bunyip, shredding Gary Sauer-Thompson's moaning about having to pay for a broadband internet connection.

He now wants the same grey men of government who deprived him of the chance for decent service to tax everyone else in order to pay for his greater convenience. He doesn't say that in as many words, of course. He claims a massive investment of public funds would buy "infrastructure for the knowledge-economy" and make Adelaide "the education capital", whatever that means.

Read it all.

Shock, horror: the media hates the USA

Good piece in the Weekly Standard exposing some of the anti-American bullshit reporting going on in Iraq. Thanks to Steve S. in Cali for the link.


Tourist mode on

I'm off this weekend to visit the Sydney Motorcycle Show. Any Sydney bloggers or non-bloggers are invited to sink a beer or two with me while I'm there. Drop me a line: tex {{at}}

Pondering communism

Bleeding Brain has some interesting thoughts. (link is blogrooted so look at the entry for May 12).

Fuck Morpheus

Sgt. Stryker has some amusing opinions on The Matrix.

The Riyadh Bombing

Mean Mr. Mustard aint impressed by Al Qaeda's comeback.

This, it seems, is supposed to be their big comeback after Operation Enduring Freedom sent them scurrying to the four dark corners of their backwards, medieval world. So if that's the case, I would have to say pshaw, and go back to thnking about Iran and Syria. I haven't seen such a weak comeback effort since Frampton Comes Alive II.



Links, etc.

Made some changes to the links on both sides of this page, and added a new category.

Things are stinky in Montreal

Paul Jane aint happy with the local garbagemen. Hey, if that job paid over fifty thousand dollars per year here, I'd be prompted toward a career change. Get in on that racket boy!!

Save the planet: bash a greenie!

Our politically-correct luddite fascist friends at the Green Left Weekly have published this sickening apology of Fidel Castro's brutal crackdown on dissidents. Oh, and there's this stirring defence of Castro's lovely worker's paradise, which is apparently being betrayed by those horrible brainwashed bastards who flee to the USA.

Go and send some hate mail to these lovely tyrant-loving greenies:

How to fix Los Angeles

LA is in deep financial poop. Perry de Havilland offers some very simple medicine.

How to reform Parliament & maximise our liberty is tempted to suggest "shoot the politicians!!". Thankfully, Steve Dawson has some more sensible ideas on how to constrain this intrusive, money-sucking behemoth.

The Guardian's auto-word generator

Matthew Engel - The Guardian's man in the USA - continues his endless shrill whinging about how much America sucks. Can someone tell me the point of employing this simpering, miserable pansy merely so that he can complain week-in, week-out about how much he hates the place? Americans are stupid, Americans are psychos, American TV sucks, American weather sucks, American movies suck, American cities are awful, Americans only own guns because they have penis envy, Americans are polluters and wasters, Americans are religious fanatics, Americans want to conquer and destroy the planet, blah blah blah blah blah blah....................and on and on it bloody goes.

This guy's raging eurosnob complex has him this week being appalled by the lack of good tea in the USA. Do the horrors of American culture know no depths?

Personally, I'd love to see this wimp debate Charles Krauthammer on TV sometime.


Why the world needs more American imperialism

Hey, all you United Nations lovers, why isn't your mighty, moral institution doing something about this??

Wielding machetes and rocket-launchers, hordes of tribal warriors and drug-crazed children marauded through the Congolese town of Bunia yesterday, unleashing an orgy of killing and forcing tens of thousands of terrified refugees across the Ugandan border.

United Nations officials warned the Security Council that the crisis was potentially a genocide in the making, drawing parallels with Rwanda, where between 500,000 and one million people, mainly Tutsis, were killed by Hutus in 1994.

"Bunia is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe," UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan's spokesman, Fred Eckhard, said.

What's that? You can't do anything because you're a bunch of corrupt, simpering, impotent idiots who have to beg the Americans for help?

"We can't do anything," a peacekeeper said by telephone from the UN compound. "We do not have enough manpower. We do not have a mandate. We have sent repeated warnings that this was going to happen. We have asked for reinforcements. Every request was ignored."

I guess you'll need an actual military and the willingness to use it...just like Americans or something.

The UN will have to act extremely quickly. There is little concrete information about how many could have been killed since the fighting broke out six days ago.

The UN will act quickly...they'll fearlessly announce a four-pronged strategy....

- pre-emptive press conferences
- dire threats that unless those black fellows cut it out right now they'll really get cranky
- organise working lunches worldwide
- beg the americans to do something

Of course, the Americans were in a similar situation a decade ago: Somalia. They landed in the midst of a UN fiasco, tried to feed the hungry, then spent months getting shot at while piously correct people the world over called them imperialists and murderers. Something tells me they'll be sitting this one out.

Don't these people read the papers?

Court proceedings began today in the trial of three Assholes For Allah, who murdered 202 people (including 88 Australians) at the Sari Club bombing in Bali. Sadly, it appears the gentlemen concerned haven't been paying attention to the poltically correct script:

On the eve of the Bali trial, Ali Imron, the bomb-maker, said the Sari Club deserved to be destroyed because "it was a place of sin".

"The Sari Club was a place of adultery," he said in an secretly obtained interview with London's Sunday Times.

Hey, wasn't the bombing the result of Little Johnny Howard sucking up to the Evil Americans? Isn't all terrorism a cry for help from the poor? You mean it might have something to do with neanderthal, racist Islamofascist rage against non-Muslims?

The three men - Imron, 38, his brother, Amrozi, 40, who bought the explosives, and Imam Samudra, 34, the logistical mastermind - said they targeted the club expecting it to be full of Americans, but were not disappointed to kill so many Australians.

"Australians, Americans, whatever - they are all white people," said Imron

Oh dear, and I thought only white people could be Nazis.

C'mon lads, just cut down on the "kill whitey" chatter (it's making your sycophants over here kinda uncomfortable), and start talking about poverty, Dubya and Palestine. Do that, and you'll have Peter Fitzsimons begging your forgivness before you know it.

France: the new Islamofascist state

OK, this is disturbing.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a forbidden movement in Egypt where it was born. It is a forbidden movement in the rest of the Arab-Muslim world. All the specialists speak of it as a dangerous, integrist Muslim movement that has only one aim: to take the political power and to impose Sharia, the Islamic law to whole countries.

In France, it’s different: the Muslim Brotherhood can exist officially. Under its French name, Union of Islamic Organizations in France (UOIF), it is even an important part of the French Muslim council recently created by the French government.

There's more, and it gets worse.


The United States of Australia

National Party official Bryan Pape has come up with this monumentally stupid idea.

Just what we need, triple the amount of politicians and their taxpayer-funded golden retirement funds and porkbarrel spending projects.


Blogging been light in last few days thanks to work commitments, socialising and an overnight motorbike ride to Khancoban. The ride was great, despite the joys of dodging wildlife on the road (2 kangaroos, 2 cows and 2 emus), and a huge unexpected ice patch on the road near Thredbo. All part of the joys of near-winter Alpine motorcycling.

Proper blogging should recommence tomorrow.

Giving 'em hell

David Carr at Samizdata delivers a beating to Tony Blair over the EU, and the wretched greenies for being their normal slimy selves.

Dick's back!

My favourite local raving nuthatch - Richard Neville - has delivered another sprawling, fascinating, bizarre and incoherent I-hate-Americans-and-life-itself essays: Smile, You're on Combat Camera.

Get a load of his crystal-clear opening paragraph:

Are the dark forces winning? The answer isn’t easy. Neither side in the battle for the soul of our global future has a monopoly on virtue … or vice. It’s not an issue of black versus white, so much as a stormy vista of shifting greys, competing lies, mad obsessions, lust, greed and sadism.

But we do get the impression that even nut-job Richard admits the toppling of Saddam was a good thing, albeit the admission comes through gritted teeth:

Am I sorry I opposed the war? Like many others, I regret that the tyrants of Baghdad were not scattered after the first Gulf weapons expo. I regret that he UN failed to assemble a coalition of hi-tech samurais with the sole and specific aim of dislodging the torture-mad leadership once courted by the arms profiteer, Donald Rumsfeld. Yes, I was appalled by the lies of the Coalition, the nose-thumbing at the UN, the cheer leading of the media. But it must be said that an Iraq freed from the apparatus of terror is likely to improve its people’s sum total of joy. The opportunism of Uncle Sam is likely to expand opportunities for the Iraqi’s.

What, ya think?

Looking for older whackings?

Wanna see my previous rants against lefty, commie, peacenick wankers, plus lots of fun stuff about motorcycles, music and movies?................ Click here for the full past whackings index


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