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Quote of the day

My final thought for the day on the "peace" protestors: if you picked 100 demonstrators at random, from all over the world, and asked them who they'd kill if they could murder either George W. Bush or Saddam Hussein, I bet 95% of them would choose Bush and leave Saddam in power.

I can't say much more than that.

- Damian Penny

It's one, big Saddam-loving party out there

"Peace" rallies all over the world. A mass, stinky movement of democracy-haters, totalitarian thugs, spineless hippies, anti-semites, islamofascists and the mind-numbingly ignorant. Hell, the asswits in Brisbane booed Simon Crean for even mentioning that Saddam should be disarmed.

They of course, are offering nothing besides "America is evil" slogans. Tyrants are there to be appeased, people living under them being disposable to intellectual correctness: better a million die under the "peace" of non-american tyrants than be liberated by American "imperialism".

Like I've said before: the ideological comforts of leftists are paid for with other people's lives.

Samizdata whacks the peace creeps

Perry de Havilland has a couple of great posts on today's hypocritical protesting peacenick scum.

Your average peace protestor: a picture

This gem from Black & White World. Link via Silent Running.

Idiot TV

Is Channel 10's late night bulletin now operating as a mouthpiece for the peace-loon movement? Christ almighty, I nearly hurled. Lotsa deathless commentary "the day the world united against war"..."John Howard will be forced to back down" and that "some people" reckoned the crowd size in Sydney was really half a million (as opposed to the mere "official" figure being half that).

Quiet on the Whackingday front

My blogging has been a bit sparse recently, due to work commitments and me writing job applications. But normal activity should resume as of tomorrow.

Oh, and it goes without saying I still have e-mails to answer......


Bill Whittle has written yet another extraordinary, sprawling essay, this time dealing with (amongst other things) terrorism and the Columbia tragedy. It's titled Courage, and it's your required reading for the day. It's too good even to lift excerpts from.

Why this bloke isn't writing professionally defies description.


Hooray for me

I just turned 30. I am celebrating with beer and pizza. I never thought I'd make it this far to be honest, so I'm feelin' cheery.

<shameless insertion of Amazon birthday wish list here>
(and on that subject, does anyone know a way of deleting individual items from a wish list? I now have Unforgiven and the Richard D James album, so I need to take them off the list)

I'm doing the socialising thing when I wake up in the morning, but for now, the rest of my six-pack awaits....


More hate mail

More nut-job fun.......

From: Janet Chiron (

Hey wanker,
Approximately what is your financial contribution to the ABC? I bet it's huge - not!

Wow, I bet it took you all week to think of that one.

To answer your question, my "contribution" is the same as every other Australian taxpayer. You do know the ABC is taxpayer funded, right?

You seem particularly anti-Palestinian. I wonder why?

No reason. No reason at all.

Why don't you declare your interest you coward?

You have inspired me to come clean, and fess up to my wicked Zionist practices:

1- Salary paid by the very non-Jewish Australian National University.
2- Superannuation paid by myself and the very non-Jewish Australian National University.
3- No other investments whatsoever.
4- No donations ever given to any Jewish charity.
5- Haven't slept with any Jewish girls.
6- Have no Jewish relatives. My father's line comes from the very non-Jewish area of Kassel, Germany.
7- Have never been to Israel, and have no intention of going.
8- In my circle of friends, one of them is Jewish, and she likes Sharon about as much as income tax.
9- I have no intention of ever watching Fiddler on the roof.
10- I am not Jewish. I hardly know Hannukah from Halloween.

Dammit, ZOG's gonna have my balls for this.

P.S. Do you still live at home with your parents, collect military magazines and have no friends.

Well, that's almost a question.

I'm afraid I'm a rent-paying fella who has subscriptions only to Rolling Stone and Two Wheels, and who has so few friends I go out boozing at least every other weekend, and never seem to have to pay for accommodation when I travel. And that includes my upcoming North American trip. Popularity is a bitch.

It's just that I can see a disturbing pattern emerging.

In that case, I'd advise spreading vaseline on your bathroom mirror.





Little to say today. Work is pissing me off big time, and next week will be hell on earth. I'm writing a couple of applications for greener pastures tonight, so no bloggin'.

Check out my "past whackings" archive, peruse the blog links on the left and the general fun links on the right.

Oh, and some gem of a human being has purchased the Burt Lancaster/John Frankenheimer movie The Train from my amazon wish list. Bless you, whoever you are......

I've got about a dozen or so e-mails to respond to yet. I'm getting to them, I swear. In the meantime, keep your thoughts coming: tex {at} whackingday {dot} com

It's my birthday on Saturday. I'm thinking of going out for a steak n' beer, but otherwise staying at home and doing the couch potato thing.

Have a great day folks, see you tomorrow.


Quote of the day

"The French are not convinced about Saddam's weapons of mass destruction - they say they need more evidence. The last time the French wanted more evidence it came rolling through Paris with a Nazi flag on it"

-David Letterman

(Thanks to reader Simon Roberts for this one)

Asshole judge alert

Some self-righteous legal wankers wonder why people criticise the court system. It's because of things like this.

Another defector

Steve H. of Little Tiny Lies has moved off Blogspot. Steve has promised to deliver me lots of beer and hookers when I arrive in the USA, provided I sent him enough traffic. So dear reader, help us both out and visit Steve's site. Now.

Oh, visit his "real" site Little Tiny Wit while you're at it, he's got some seriously funny shit on there.

Steyn interview

John Hawkins has a great interview with Mark Steyn. You should read the whole thing, but here are my favourite parts;

On the very-dead Osama....

So if the only recorded evidence of your identity in the last 14 months is an audio tape, that suggests either you're dead or in too poor condition even for the most artfully edited video appearance.

On Al-Qaeda....

Since 9/11, al-Qaeda have been unable to pull off any kind of follow-up in a western country: their only successes have been in more loosely policed environments, such as Tunisia and Bali. That suggests the US was able to accomplish a serious degradation of their infrastructure during the Afghan campaign, and border vigilance is doing a lot of the rest.

On Europe's Israel-hatred....

The Continentals are something else. Some just don't like Jews and resent having been unable to express that opinion honestly these last 50 years. But with others the psychology's a little more complicated. Almost every European country was tainted by the Holocaust and Nazi occupation, but for the sake of the post-war settlement the world agreed to pretend only Germany was to blame. Not so. In France and Holland, the locals eagerly herded Jews onto those eastbound trains. In Belgium, industrial production went up under the Nazis. After half-a-century, the Continentals are sick of this guilt trip. They need to see Israel as the aggressor for their own psychological health.

There is lots, lots more, and it's all good.


Heard the title track from Ministry's new CD Animositisomina last night, and it kicked ass.

Their last effort - Dark side of the spoon - was lazy cybermetal junk. Thankfully (at least if the title track is any indication), they're back to writing the fast, inventive, thundering tunes that made Psalm69 such a legendary recording.

Welcome back lads. We missed ya.



I've had three more things purchased for me off my Amazon birthday wish list. Whoever you are, I hope your details are in the package so I can get a chance to thank you properly.

But for now, a simple thank you will have to do :)


Have I mentioned that Internet Explorer 6 is a piece of shit?

Vandalism spoils the party for deluded idiots

Bwahaha. Sorry, but I think this is hilarious.

To those "faithful" upset by the "desecration" of a wooden fence post: get a fucking life. Like this idiot: the editor of The Daily Telegraph....

Those responsible for the attack should be warned. Your punishment might not be temporal, in the form of a fixed sentence or fine, but of a more eternal nature – and issued by a higher authority.

Oooh wow baby, they're quaking in their sneakers already, waiting for the judgement day of broken wooden fence posts.

Religious kooks crack me up.

The latest Totalitarian Psycho is out

It's always fascinating to monitor the psychosis of the lunar left. In the latest edition of Socialist Worker, we get;

- an expose of Dubya's plans to nuke Iraq
- the really deep philosophy of the Eminem movie
- unemployed IT idiot predicts the downfall of capitalism (what.... again? Zzzzz. So when is this great collapse actually going to happen you morons? I won't hold my breath)

Heaps o' Frontpage goodness

Roland Radosh looks at the history of appeasnick slime.

Robert Spencer discusses the so-called "religion of peace".

David Horowitz issues a call-to-arms against Israel-hatred on American campuses.

The Hell of Zimbabwe

Thanks to Gaz Pukka for pionting out this excellent blog: The truth about Zimbabwe. It's horror story after horror story. Like this one;

Edison Mukwasi aged 29 died in an Harare hospital this week. Edison was an ordinary man working on a construction site in Harare before he joined the opposition and the last two years of his life have been utter hell. He was the MDC's youth chairman for Harare and his nightmare began in January 2001 during the Bikita West by-election. At that time Edison and 12 others were picked up by police, tortured for four days whilst in detention and then dumped in the Gonarezhou National Park. According to Edison's mother, Edison's lungs and liver were perforated during the torture. In November 2002 Edison and others were arrested by police at a cricket match in Harare and allegedly tortured again whilst in police custody. He was supposedly to be charged with suspected public disorder but was released without being charged. Edison is survived by his wife Gladys and their two week old daughter Nyasha.

But as Murray Soupcoff notes, the "we are the world" leftists are very quiet when it comes to black genocidal lunatics.

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Wanna see my previous rants against lefty, commie, peacenick wankers, plus lots of fun stuff about motorcycles, music and movies?................ Click here for the full past whackings index


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