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11 May 2008

A question for our "Petrol Price Commissioner"

Hey clown, where's that cheap petrol then?

Pat Walker: a worthless stooge of a nanny-state which despises property rights and voluntary transaction. And the useless wanker can't even pretend to have achieved anything.


Warsaw ghetto commander gives interview

May we all one day be worthy to share the planet with this bloke:

Then 24 years old, Edelman took command of one of the revolt's three groups. His fighters, between the ages of 13 and 22, scraped together guns and ammunition that they and the Polish resistance managed to smuggle in from the outside.

His brigade included 50 fighters known as "brush men" because their base was a brush factory.

"There weren't enough guns, ammunition. There was not enough food, but we were not starving. You can live for three weeks just on water and sugar," which they found in the homes of those deported to death camps, he said.

They adopted hit-and-run tactics. With time, as supplies and forces began to run low, they resorted to attacks at night, for more safety.

"Every moment was difficult. It was two or three or 10 boys fighting with an army," Edelman said. "There were no easy moments."

Boys. Fighting the German Army. Jesus.


"House to House"

David Bellavia, a former infantry Sergeant in the US Army, provides a searing first-hand account of the battle of Fallujah in 2004.

You'll learn more from reading this book than you will have gained from years of clueless mainstream media coverage.

Bellavia, it just so happens, is now running for congress.


...and while we're on the subject of Iraq

I'm going to get myself a copy of Michael Yon's Moment of Truth in Iraq. Yon's website should be compulsory reading for everybody, especially the moral defectives who blubber about the brave Iraqi "resistance" standing up against the evil Americans.

Yon currently has an excellent article up over here. must be "Military Books Day" around here

Reading Instapundit on Friday, I saw with some surprise and delight that Gates of Fire author Steven Pressfield had just come out with a new novel, this time in a 'modern' setting: Killing Rommel. I now have a copy and I'll get started on it today. Not everything of Pressfield's works. Tides of War proved to be impenetrable for me thanks to a laboured "fourth-hand" narration. But when he gets it right, man does he get it right.

One book I'm going to order, which I skimmed through briefly at Tom Paine's place was Mark Woodforde's Unheralded Victory, explaining how, in pure military terms, the USA handed the communists their arse on a plate during the Vietnam war. Of course, lefties go completely apeshit when you tell them this.

Sniper on the Eastern Front looks worthy of a read, even if it is told from the Krauts' point-of-view.


Rock and Roll, baby.......

On July 9th, I'll be off to Hallam, Vic. to watch the reunion of The Angels.

Doc Neeson is in shocking shape nowdays (a car accident fucked him royally), but his voice is still in good order. I could go watch them in Sydney (it's a hellava lot closer), but I'll be teaming up with a charming bunch of degenerates I met at Phillip Island a couple of months back.

It'll be fun, kiddies. Certainly better than any of the crap I endured at The Big Day Out a few years ago.


Another one of them "on the subject of...." posts

My mention of The Angels got me thinking about Australian rock n' roll over the years.

What's the best-ever aussie rock song? I reckon this one.


Celebrity douchebags

Dontya just love holier-than-thou greenie celebrities?


The land of disappearing children

Japan's looming demographic catastrophe:

Japan, now the world's second-largest economy, will lose 70 percent of its workforce by 2050 and economic growth will slow to zero, according to a report this year by the nonprofit Japan Center for Economic Research.

Population shrinkage began three years ago and is gathering pace. Within 50 years, the population, now 127 million, will fall by a third, the government projects. Within a century, two-thirds of the population will be gone.

Bloody hell.


Looking for older whackings?

Wanna see my previous rants against lefty, commie, peacenick wankers, plus lots of fun stuff about motorcycles, music and movies?................ Click here for the full past whackings index


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