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Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.
-Benjamin Disraeli


A conservative I'd love to bash into a pulp

The Americans don't need Miranda Devine - they got Ben Shapiro - the latest jesus-hugging teenage wannabe Jerry Falwell pipsqueak who writes for Townhall.com.

"I don't have much luck with the girls"

Waiting for his pubic hair to grow, Benny decides to lecture us all on our perverted godlessness. Some excerpts....

Without God, 9-11 is only the beginning

We can see where this is going.....

America has divided into two factions: those who fight evil and those who do not believe in evil. The dividing line is religion.

No really. he actually said that.

Those who believe in a Judeo-Christian God know the difference between good and evil because they know the value of human life.

Sure they do. Nice godly folk like the KKK, Timothy McVeigh, William Pierce and Bull Connor. How ashamed I am not being able to live up to these mighty Christian paragons of virtue.

The other faction does not believe in God, at least not actively. There is no good, and there is no evil, these people believe. If God has no purpose for man -- as they believe -- then life is meaningless, and the death of thousands of Americans has no more meaning than the death of a colony of ants.

Yeah, kinda like evil agnostic scum like Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison and Charles Darwin. If only they'd had this teenage virginal squealer to guide them.

Right now, it seems those who do not believe in God are winning. Our culture celebrates vanity, stupidity and torpidity. Millions watch "The Osbournes" or "The Anna Nicole Smith Show," shows where pathetic wannabe/has-been celebrities mooch for the cameras.

Oh lordy...Armegeddon is nigh: people watch The Osbournes!!!!! Ben, your a teenager now, you're a little old to be pissing your pants.

People get fat downing hamburgers day after day and then sue the hamburger companies for making them obese.

Well, one person in the entire United States has done this. Get a grip zitface.

Immediately after Sept. 11, you couldn't see a car without an American flag; then, Los Angeles Lakers flags went up alongside the banner; finally, the American flag was taken down while the Lakers flags flew proudly.

What, the whole country is flying Lakers flags? I aint seen that on TV. And, dude, even if that was true: so what?

Then this disgusting passage....

Jerry Falwell said after Sept. 11 that abortionists, feminists, the gays and lesbians who promote homosexuality as a natural lifestyle, the American Civil Liberties Union and all those who try to secularize America (in short, the PC crowd) bear some responsibility for Sept. 11. While his statement may have been unpopular, it was true, at least in the larger sense.

Yep, it's those goddamned gays again. Gosh Ben, good thing that faggot scumbag Mark Bingham is dead - who knows what level of perversion and corruption he may have spread.

If we pillory those who defend traditional moral values, we seem weak. Why would any terrorist fear a country that treats the Boy Scouts like the KKK? If we treat the moral as trivial, if we make it seem as though our lives have no value, how can we expect others to respect the value of our lives?

And if I made idotic generalisations backed up with the analysis of a crybaby 8-year old, would that make me an imbecile?

In the cosmic sense, Falwell was correct. We have tossed God from the public schools. We have ignored his morality in favor of subjective man-made values.

Yeah, horrible aint it? All that terrible secular man-made representative democracy, education, medicine and technology. If only Torquemada were back in charge, we'd all be so much more worthy. Kinda like Iran.

America did not change for more than a few moments on Sept. 11, but our society must undergo serious and lasting change if we hope to live in freedom and prosperity.

You do live in freedom and prosperity, you fuckwit. You're in the world's richest & most powerful nation fer chrissake. If that country produces many more wimps like you, they really will be in deep shit. Christ, what a pants-pissing weasel this dork is. Good thing nerds like you weren't running the country back in the Cold War - the Russians would have been using your undescended balls as cocktail olives.

If those who fight against God continue to win, God will not defend us. And we will not have the moral courage to defend ourselves.

Americans already have the moral courage to defend themselves. Quite a few of them are in Afghanistan right now. Some of them died on flight 93 (one of them was even a FAG!!!!). It's a good thing those people are around to defend freedom and liberty, because god knows snivelling weasels like you will never do it. Go back to preaching abstinence at teenage bible camp, and singing hymns at Falwell gatherings, then go and grow some genitals, you spineless self-righteous dweeb.

Update: Corsair The Pirate gives Ben a nice kick in the nuggets too.


I'm finally putting up a link to the megablogger Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit, who I believe gets twenty billion hits a day. Believe it or not, I only started reading him recently. I'm also putting in a link for John Hawkins at Right Wing News.

The Rise of American Corporatism

This is interesting. Conservative american writer Robert Locke argues that the American economy is becoming a corporatist rather than a capitalist one, with potentially very ugly consequences.