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Why Mick Jagger is better than Kurt Cobain

The Sydney Morning Herald's Heckler section - the place where readers can get their own exciting column published - today published this hysterical rant against the Rolling Stones' upcoming tour.

The author - some knob by the name of Henry Everingham - does a depressingly familiar Rock Writer riff - raging against people choosing for themselves what they want to listen to rather than adopting the correct cultural pose. In other words, complain about everything other than the reason people would attend a Stones show: the music.....

For the time being though, ask yourself this important rock 'n' roll question: why bother? Seriously, do you really want to go and see some very old men play very old songs? When you were young, did you harbour a secret desire to hang out at a Perry Como concert?

No, but what the fuck is it to you, dickface? My money, my choice. And you seem terribly worried about how old and popular they are, rather than focusing on the only question that matters - are they any good?

And go and read Henry's next two endless, raving paragraphs. I think they had something to do with media hype, and lots of angry bluster about old geezers. Again, not a heck of a lot about whether or not the music is worthwhile.

But don't for one single, deluded second believe that your attendance at a Stones gig will make you any cooler in the eyes of those sworn boomer enemies, Gen X, or worse, your kids. So do something truly subversive and head down to the Annandale Hotel tonight, where for $22 you can see a trio of kids from Billburg, New York, called The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Sure, you'll stick out like sore thumbs, but that's what it's supposed to be about. Remember?

And here I was thinking this was about people going to watch a rock-n-roll show. But no - this is about image. The trap of the sanctimonious rock writer - the real talent and musicians of integrity vs. the terror of people using their own money to watch an old, bloated corporate rock band.

"Oh cruel world, the pain of wealth!!"

Henry is probably the kind of guy who reads lots of books & Masters dissertations about Kurt Cobain, the iconic real rock n' roll rebel who wrote maybe six good songs, made millions of dollars, then basically whinged non-stop about the horrors of popularity and large bank accounts before doing us all a favour and blowing his own head off.

Nirvana may have been the most overrated band in rock history. One promising initial release, then the good-but-not-that-great nevermind, then the utterly godawful In Utero. Then Cobain gives himself the finger. So, one album worth of good material and a lot of tedious hypocritical pronouncements about rebellious rock-n-roll romanticism before committing suicide is enough to ensure years of dewy-eyed worship from overgrown teenagers who seriously need to get themselves a life.

Being a Cobain worshipper though - either then or now - was your ticket to oh-so-righteous street-cred and hipsterism. In other words, the listening to shit music made by sanctimonious dickheads for the sake of pose value. Makes you wonder which crowd is truly the mindless sheep, eh Henry?

Pakistan province becomes Talibanised

Oh, this is good news......

Bunyip on the government's atrocity that wasn't

The Good Professor has a bunch of fine posts about the SIEV-X affair (you know, the foreign unseaworthy people-smugglers' boat that sank in foreign waters and yet was somehow the fault of the Australian government)

Battle of wits with an unarmed opponent

Andrea Harris has written a very entertaining kick in the gonads to raving socialist headcase Jonathan Neale and his howler of an article What would a socialist society be like? It's simply frightening a grown man is capable of such uttery infantile ideas. Thankfully, Andrea saves me the effort of ripping this loony a new one.

Bargarz asks me a question

My answer is no.

Though it'd be funny to stick them on the helmet of some tough-guy Harley wankers.

More on the wrap-em-in-pork issue

Stephen Dawson (fellow Canberra libertarian and my designated driver last friday) offers some comments.............

My view is that at best it would give brief pause.


1. virtually all religions, if practised in accordance with their clear foundations, lead directly to death (eg. consistent practice of 'turn the other cheek', 'if he takes your shirt, give him your cloak as well' etc will ultimately kill you)

2. as a result, all religions have either compromised on their core beliefs or died out (eg. the 19th century Shakers, which believed in total sexual abstinence)

3. Islam hasn't died out and, where convenient, adherents have compromised on its core beliefs in order to achieve their aims.

An example? Suicide is a mortal sin for Muslims as it is for Christians (presumably on a similar theological basis). So how come all these youngsters blow themselves up, convinced that it will take them to paradise? Because some Islamic scholars have interpreted their actions not to be suicide at all, but martyrdom. Of course, for the 1,300 years up until 1983 martyrdom was considered to be getting killed by the enemy, not by your own hand.

I have little doubt that some convenient Islamic theology would soon be forthcoming if the West adopted pork waistcoats for terrorists.

I agree with this. I still think it worth a try if it gives pause to some islamoloony intent on harm. Let's make the bastards sweat a little at least.....

Pretty picture

Dunno why, but I've always been a sucker for snow pictures. Diane at Letter From Gotham has a beauty.

The Cow That Roars

If you aren't reading Bovination regularly, there's something wrong with you. Australian political incorrectness rarely gets better than this.

The Queen of Oz journalism

If you haven't seen it already, check out the "best of" Margot Kingston's nonsensical babblings, as provided by Tim Blair. The fact that this dingbat can keep paid employment at The Sydney Morning Herald pretty much tells you everything you need to know about that newspaper.