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24 October 2005

Get a load of this

As part of their weekly newsletter, the Australian Communist Party happily reprints this mind-boggling self-praise from the North Korean regime:

The foundation of the WPK was a historic event that effected a radical change in shaping the destiny of the Korean people. All the victories, successes and wonderful realities of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are related with the founding day.

The 60-year-long history of the WPK is the history of opening up the unique way of building a revolutionary Party in the era of independence under the banner of the Juche Idea, the great history of setting a global example of socialist construction through the most arduous struggle and creating a heroic epic of anti-imperialist struggle, and the glorious history of laying the eternal foundations of socialism.


In the 1990s Korea found itself in the most serious adversity because of the frantic politico-military pressure and economic sanctions by the US-led imperialist allies as well as natural calamities.

Under the wise leadership of the WPK, however, it surmounted the difficulties, held high the slogan of building a great, powerful and prosperous nation and could demonstrate its national power by launching an artificial earth satellite into orbit and declaring its nuclear possession.


The glorious history of the WPK is brilliantly carried forward by Kim Jong Il, General Secretary of the WPK and the prominent successor to the President.

Glory to the WPK which leads the cause of the independence of the people and the cause of socialism to shining victory!



Tales from the crack pipe

The Green Left Weekly brings you some rather incomprehensible poetry from our next poet laureate "Mohsen":

Freedom’s Champion — for you who live in hope

Innocents skip hand in hand in pleasure’s garden,
seeking out love’s bloom and pulling the weeds
of jealousy from the field of hope.
But wait, my thigh is bleeding, I am wounded,
struck down by the vicious rumour of pain.
My life force drains away. There is no cure
I was your shield forged in love and dreams
I ran toward a bullet of persecution
aimed directly at my heart
I am your fearless hero
You are my final
breath ...

'pulling the weeds of jealousy'. Heh..

But there's more!....

Coffin — for you who dream the nightmare

There is a coffin on my shoulder,
Where is the graveyard?
Show me the way to the graveyard,
I have to carry this coffin,
I have to bury this coffin,
I must dig deeply in the soil with the fingertips of sentiment,
I must reach this depth with all my emotions,
Your memories are also in the coffin,
I want to bury it,
I have dug the soil,
I have found the depth of the hole in my memory,
I put the coffin in the hole,
I pour tons of soil on the coffin,
The coffin is resting quietly under the ground,
Pity on me,
I don’t know why I am so impatient,
What should I do with my heart?
I was able to bury the coffin of your memories in the grave,
But the ghost of your memory chains all my body,
What to do?
The only way is to kill your memories;
kill my thoughts,
Your dot in my heart must be erased,
How can I do it?
Because it is not a dot,
all my heart belongs to you.

<chortle>. I think this shit is used as a torture method in Turkish prisons.

But wait, there's another!....

My Nights — for you who are fearful

I can’t breathe tonight,
I haven’t any power that can help me tonight,
my legs are shivering,
my breath is panting,
my tears run away,
my heart is broken,
the road is narrow tonight in the land of my eyes,
mountains crumble in front of my sadness,
Rain feels shame in front of my tears.
Tonight is any night.
But I haven’t any feet or legs to run away from night,
night is mourning with black colours,
Night wears the shame in front of the sadness in my heart.
Oh, tonight is a night the same as all my nights.
Every creature is born in fear
But how can I live if I’m afraid of living
Love is a drop of fresh rain
But how can I love if drought won’t break
Oh, tonight is a night the same as all my nights.

Bwehehehe: "Night wears the shame in front of the sadness in my heart".

Sweet Jesus. Imagine getting trapped in an elevator with this cock-knocker.


Audio terror

Go listen to Silent Running's latest podcast.


Speading scurrilous rumours about Ozbloggers

Scott Wickstein is actually English.

Tony Taylor takes it up the bum.

Tim Blair drives a Daewoo Matiz.

Paul Bickford drinks Subzero.

Professor Bunyip works as a fluffer for Bob Brown.

Yobbo masturbates to pictures of Vesna.


The 2005 Snowy Ride

I've signed up for this year's ride.

$50 to enter, which goes to a fantastic cause and puts you in the running for $20,000 of your pick of Honda motorcycle range.

You also get to ride on Australia's best motorcycling roads with 2000+ other riders. It's quite something.

If you're a rider and wanna tag along with me, e-mail me at tex <at>

Looking for older whackings?

Wanna see my previous rants against lefty, commie, peacenick wankers, plus lots of fun stuff about motorcycles, music and movies?................ Click here for the full past whackings index


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