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6 May 2008

Quote of the day

Jews actually have a very reasonable attitude concerning pork. They can wear Hush Puppies. They can use soap made with pork. They can handle pork all day, if they want to. They just can't eat it. Muslims, on the other hand, seem to think my eating a ham sandwich on a public bus bench is a hate crime.

the school system in Dearborn, Michigan no longer buys pork. They don't want precious Muslim tots to eat it by accident. Funny, no one ever did that for Jewish kids. Maybe that's because JEWS DON'T BLOW UP OFFICE BUILDINGS AND AIRPLANES AND SCHOOLS WHEN THEY DON'T GET THEIR WAY. Or, more correctly, because Jews would never dream of asking for this kind of pandering.

Here is yet one more example of Islam's need to grow up. You cannot force other people to adhere to the tenets of your backward, inherently violent, inherently intolerant religion.

- Steve H.


RAAF under attack from pelicans

I demand our military respond to this menace immediately!


During my absence....

Kevin Rudd held his festival of idiots, where useless twats like Cate Blanchett told all us unwashed types how Australia should be run. Naturally, absolutely nothing of any value came out of it, but all fuzzy lefty types got to feel good about themselves.

Thousands of creepy wannabe Red Guards descended on the olympic torch relay in Canberra to defend the honour of China by acting like a bunch of brainless, thuggish cunts. Prime Minister Potato-Head wasn't bothered by this at all.

Potato-Head also decided to solve teenage alcoholism by increasing the tax on pre-mixed drinks.Thanks for making things more expensive in order to achieve absolutely nothing, arsehole. Still, for nanny-statists, looking like you're doing something and having the correct feelings is more important than actual results, or god help us, actual notions of personal freedom and responsibility.

The huge and stupid IPL 20/20 tournament came and went, leaving behind a legacy of truly awful "cricket".

Jimmy Carter: still a scumbag.


Prepare yourself for a troika of musical awesomeness

One of the more 'entertaining' cover versions you'll ever hear. Must catch these guys when they tour.

Why does he cry? Then again, why the fuck is he singing?

Jan Terri rocks out in the 80's.


The roller-coaster from hell

Fuck me dead.

(Link thanks to Gromit)


Shakespeare was right

Paul Sheehan recently excoriated some particularly vile members of the legal profession:

"Her desperate desire for affirmation and self-righteous tone irritates, in a way the parents of a teenager would know. Tegan is not a dispassionate observer. Her critique of the trial process suffers as a consequence"

Sheehan is quoting barrister Andrew Haesler who was describing gang-rape victim Tegan Wagner.

Nice people these lawyers.


Possibly the greatest magazine of all

I'm not a smoker, but here's a periodical I'm always keen to read:

Cigar Aficionado is a monthly unapologetic 'fuck you' to health nazis, greenies and all other forms of life-crushing, nanny-statist lefty trash.

Every issue is a compendium of "smoke cigars, they'll make you feel great....go gamble shitloads and get drunk in las vegas and get yourself a $100,000 hooker... get rich and buy a fucken jet-powered speedboat, because it's fun".

Ya gotta love a magazine that carries adverts for jet airplanes, helicopters, supercars and $5000 bottles of scotch.

There isn't the slightest concession to the envious or the humourless. There are no wanky little editorials about drinking/smoking/fucking "in moderation", spending your money responsibly, carbon offsets or any of that miserablist, mope-faced drool.

The editors and writers make no apology for liking expensive/fun/dangerous man-toys and hobbies. For those not financially blessed, there's lots of "hey, here's a great $8 cigar and $30 bourbon you can enjoy after work".

Pure hedonism and life-affirming fun. Haha, stick that up your arse, commie fuckers :)


Looking for older whackings?

Wanna see my previous rants against lefty, commie, peacenick wankers, plus lots of fun stuff about motorcycles, music and movies?................ Click here for the full past whackings index


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