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20 July 2008

The answer is a resounding "no"

Big Brother: Has there ever been a worse show on TV?

Good riddance.

But where will the thousands of desperate fame-hungry sluts and rock-apes go to find their 15 minutes now?

I guess some brothels may be hiring.



Busty American "glamour model" Erica Campbell has quit after finding Jesus.

Religion has robbed the world of one of the world's greatest pair of boobs.

This "god" character has a lot to answer for.


Richard Neville discovers youtube

The jabbering loon now has his own channel.


The burnnnns!!!

Andrew Bolt, who should know better, is crapping on again about Richard Pratt and the dreaded evil of "price fixing".

Just have a look at the fools in the comments section. Unable to make any logical defence of criminal sanctions against people setting a price for their own property, the screeching imbeciles give us shite like this:

I am sickened by rich people who have to resort to illegal activities to increase their already considerable wealth.

capitalism only functions if there is competition . Pratt's behaviour clearly undermined competition within the cardboard box market, distorting the market. It threatens the whole system.

Unfair trading is a danger to Australia's living standards and the prevention of it should be handed over to ASIO.

And to think: these stupid fucking micro-encephaloids actually get to vote.


Another brilliant kook prophecy fails to happen

From the dear-departed Jew-hating uberkook Joe Vialls, back in December 2004:

America will collapse in less than six months.

It was all set to be crushed by the fearsome axis of Vladimir Putin, Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro.

Bwehehe. I'm also curious as to what happened regarding Joe's other predictions:

- Vladimir Putin would nuke Israel in revenge for the Beslan massacre (which was of course committed by the Mossad).
- Saddam's fearsome Republican Guard would throw out the US Army.
- Vladimir Putin would arms the Palestinians with fearsome space-age death-ray weapons to crush Israel.
- Jewish Americans would flee the USA and create a fortress in Tasmania to evade retribution from the mighty Axis of Russia, Brazil and Venezuela.

Good old Wacky Joe. How poorer we are not having him around any more.


Still more Fart than Art

Utterly clueless arthouse film director Peter Greenaway informs us he has single-handedly destroyed the movie industry and created an amazing new art form.

- he's shone flashing lights on a painting. Ooooh.
- and there was music playing during the flashing lights! Oooooh!

Poita wants us all to marvel at his revolutionary genius, because he's like "unified" arts forms and created interactivity. "Hey kids!! Why watch stupid movies when I've created something using lights and together and shit!". Ooooh!

It provides remarkable comedy value when a condescending arthaus twit finally discovers decades-old concepts teenagers have been enjoying in the form of (among other things) rave parties and videogames - and the fucking clueless old fart actually thinks he's a cultural revolutionary because he's discovered "technology".


Worship the Wok

My lady and I have become hooked on these folks:

I've always hated these instant-noodle type places, where your boxed noodle meal is usually consists of shit like wet cabbage filler and horrible cheap, overpowering Asian sauces.

There are set combo meals, but most customers concoct their own dish;

First, you choose your box size (even 'small' is a great, fulfilling meal)

Next, pick your noodle type (five different types, all delicious, or even rice if you like)

Next, you pick your sauce (I usually get satay or curry, lady gets Mongolian or oyster 'n soy)

Next, you pick your veggies (we always say "none", which means you get more noodles and meat)

Last, choose your meat, which is always of good quality.

If you live near one of these, you simply must try them. The best bang-for-buck meal you can get. Unfortunately for most of you, there are only two of them, and both are in Canberra.


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