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26 January 2006

Australia Day

What he said.


Scumbag pollutes Australia

Venezuelan politician and communist piece-of-shit Carolus Wimmer is visiting Australia next month.

If anyone passes him on the street, please spit on him for me.

Spit on the people who go listen to him as well. They could use a bath.


The Festival of Fools

Speaking of Venezuela and idiots.....

Venezuela has been put firmly on the map of global left-wing activism this week, as more than 100,000 people take part in this year's World Social Forum which is being held in the capital city, Caracas.


"It's my third time in Caracas within the space of two years," said Kate Fox, a 21-year-old anti-globalisation activist who has travelled from Washington DC.

"Venezuela is without a doubt the new Mecca of the Left. It used be Havana, but Venezuela is definitely the place to hang out now if you're against capitalist exploitation."

Of course, this celebration of ugly, smelly people isn't without it's irony.....

However, street sellers in downtown Caracas have also realised the potential of exploiting the huge market for left-wing souvenirs.

Many of them have switched from selling pirated DVDs and CDs to T-shirts showing the face of President Chavez or old classics like Che Guevara.

Hero worship

"The Chavez T-shirt is my bestseller," says Luz Castillo, who owns a little stall next to the conference centre for the Caracas World Social Forum. "I've sold six shirts within the space of an hour. I'm making a profit of $7 per item."

Other street vendors are selling Chavez posters, watches, books, flags, audio tapes and even toy plastic dolls of Venezuela's charismatic leader.

(Tex waits for the barfing to subside)

I'm sure you'll be shocked to learn that actual poor Venezuelans aren't as enthused as these middle-class champagne socialist shitbags:

Carlos, a middle-aged man, who has spent the last three years sleeping rough on the streets, shrugs his shoulders.

"If you ask me, it's all very well for these people to fly in from abroad, to buy their T-shirt and then disappear," he says. "Nothing changes for me and the five other guys who sleep on these park benches next to me."

That ungrateful peasant cunt! Off to the re-education camp with him!


One Communist = One Bullet.

(Via Damian Penny)


Wonderful news for the Timorese!

Castro has offered them 65 Cuban doctors.

Now the Timorese can experience the same standard of health care as Cubans:

Thank god for those wonderful communists, eh?


Thom Lyons a fashion model!

Somewhere in the world there is a river of bullshit, and Thom Lyons is stuck firmly in the middle of it in a coricle with a single paddle.

Yes, our favourite nutcase ex-Greens candidate and fake military veteran has emerged to issue more amazingly lame threats, screech some non-sequiturs and generally make an ever bigger public dick out of himself.

To begin this Thommy update, I'll begin by stating what you've probably expected: no word from the police about my pending criminal charges for "stalking" Mr. Lyons, none of my internet accounts have been shut down, and I'm not being sued by Thom's non-existent law firm of "O'Lynne, Lyons and Fitzpatrick".

No surprises here.

Thommy has however been launching some more entertaining ravings recently. Remember how Thommy was continually demanding that I pay his photographer friend "Jim" for the use of Thom's photo?

My suspicions were raised when Thommy wouldn't give me any infomation about Jim, so I could confirm he actually took the photo and wanted payment. It seems "Jim" wasn't able to use e-mail or the telephone and decided to send his messages through Thom. "Jim" also couldn't decide how much money I owed him:

Oh by the way, the photograph used is copyrighted and the photographer
wants $5000 immediately.  I told him that these guys are right wing
fools and don't believe in obeying the law.
- 19 Oct 2005

Your a crook mate.  You owe Jim $175 minimum.
- 4 Nov 2005

Remove your blog about me liar and pay Jim his $175 .  E-mail me
personally for his address.
- 8 Nov 2005

I've been e-mailing Thom for Jim's contact details ever since. I'm sure you'll be shocked to hear he hasn't been able to supply them yet. Instead he's been screaming his tits off about me "stalking" him via e-mail, despite the fact he asked me to e-mail him in the first place.

Well, since he went quiet around Xmas time, I've been e-mailing him and asking him on USENET when he's going to supply Jim's contact details so I can talk to him. Suddenly, Thom doesn't seem at all keen for me to contact "Jim". I asked Thom why he hadn't come through with Jim's contact details so I could organise payment:

Just send the money asshole>  I need to get his postal code and then you'll have it.  

Other than the fact I don't need a postcode to e-mail the guy, it appears Thom isn't aware that every Australian postcode is listed in the White Pages, on the Australia Post website, and on Wikipedia.

But, says Thommy, he's never been to Jim's house, so doesn't know what suburb it's in.

It is quite remarkable then, that the mysterious "Jim" has been able to inform Thom of his payment demands, yet Thom is still unaware of Jim's phone number, e-mail address or residential address.

I queried Thommy on his curious lack of knowledge of Jim's details. Thom said it was because Jim was off in the wilderness photographing owls.


So having failed to come up with the photographers contact details, despite months and demands and promises, Thommy decides to change topic - he now says I owe him money. Why is that would might ask? Because he is entitled to a modelling fee for that photo.

And when are you going to pay me for using me on your pathetic blog without a model release


By the way I also have a fee for using my image on your wacking day.  Bet you'll never pay up


$2500 will do nicely.  Send me your home address and I'll send an invoice.

Bwehehehe. Thom the model.

And I'd better pay up too, or else.....

You'll get your invoices and if you don't pay up, well its collection agency time.

Trembling in front of my PC, I meekly responded that I had no legal obligation to pay him one cent...

then it goes over to a collect agency then.  That's one way I can get
around the fact your hiding on the other side of a state line.

Scary stuff. Yet terrifying threat to go along with the fake law firm, fake lawsuit, fake police friend, fake court summons, fake communications tribunal and fake registered letter.

Other than the fascinating topic of photographer payments, I've been trying to get answeres out of Thom regarding two subjects:

1- Why he lied about serving in the RAAF
2- Why he lied about being nominated for the Bronze Star

I (and others) have been asking literally hundreds of times, yet Thom has been unable to clarify exactly when he served in the RAAF, why his name doesn't appear in RAAF records or why the Bronze Star doesn't appear on his military records. He has however, been throwing a fit every time we ask him:

I explain nothing to stalkers and pufters.  You have been cornered in
your lies about having all my records too doldo!

But what has truly been amazing is his efforts in the last few days to try to explain his way out of his claim that he was awarded the Bronze Star in Vietnam.

The "amazing" part isn't the fact that he's lying through his teeth, but that he'll change his explanation multiple times on the same day. The explanations he's given can be roughly put into seven groups:

1- I've never actually seen his military records and am lying about the fact he never received the Bronze Star.

2- Pretend I am referring to the Bronze Battle Star (not a valour award) then demanding to know why I'm claiming he never won the BBS.

3- Pretending the Bronze Star and the Bronze Battle Star are the same thing.

4- He really did win the Bronze Star but he had it removed from his record.

5- He really did win the Bronze Star, but turned it down.

6- He was young and confused in Vietnam and thought the Bronze Battle Star was the same as the Bronze Star (exactly why he would still think that over 30 years later is still a mystery).

7- He really did win the bronze star, had it erased from his record, but he ended up being awarded it anyway, and that I'm lying about not seeing it on his records.

Remember, Thom would use a combination of of these on the same day and thought nobody would notice.

As I mentioned before, he's been screeching a lot too:

By the way TEX how many medals did you win in the Viet Nam War?  NONE?
How many medals did you win in the first Gulf war?  None?  How many
medals did you win in the current 2 wars?  None?  How many medals did
you win in the Falklins War?  None?

all your lies and slander can be accessed for your trial.


ARE WE THERE YET?  Go take you ritilin and calm down nutter.

Why do you think I do anything at your rate.  Your not in control here

see another example of your ADD.  Or are you so stupid to under stand
anyone in Nam when I was there got the star?  Repeating the same thing
makes you look like a spoiled little child sitting in the back seat of
a car saying over and over

Thommy doesn't sound like a happy camper right now, does he?

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