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24 February 2008

I need to get the DVDs of this show

Dear readers, for your pleasure, here is Duckman's epic rant about modern life.

I can't believe that lump of tedious wannabe-cutting-edge crap called Family Guy has millions of fans while Duckman lies axed and forgotten.

You people have no taste.



I had one of these for the day on Friday: the Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic.

I've never been backward in my hatred for crusiers: fat, wobbly, underpowered, poorly-built tubs of shit.

Colour me amazed: I actually liked riding this bike. No really.

Firstly, the ergonomics are spot-on, and by that I mean perfect. The seat is comfy, supportive and in just the right spot, as are the footboards, handlebars and switchgear.

The engine, which has a feeble 50hp on paper, has plenty of torque for the highway, with enough thrust for the bustle of traffic. The response from the injected lump is silky-smooth, and creates a gorgeous note, even with the strangled standard pipes. Gearbox/clutch action is smooth and positive with heel-n-toe shifters to go with the footboards.

Of course, no crusier is going to handle well, and this one certainly doesn't. However, unlike many cruisers, it doesn't wobble like a bowl of goddamned jelly any time you get it slightly off vertical. Be aware of its limitations, and there'll be no problems.

Quality of finish & build looks high. This is a classy product, and one I'd be happy to spend many lazy highway hours on. There's a lovely vibe just going down the highway on this thing.

Nice bike. I'll be damned.


For Futurama fans

For those Futurama fans who have the Region 4, Season 2 DVDs, there's a rather amusing 'feature' you may want to check out.

Select the episode "How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back", and skip toward the end where Hermes sings his 'born to be a bureaucrat' song.

Listen to it in its entirety, then go back to the start of it.

Select the French language audio track and play the song again. Gaze and listen with amused horror at perhaps the most incompetent attempt at musical translation in the history of showbusiness.

It sounds like it was recorded by people who had no idea that they were actually supposed to be singing.



If there was any doubt as to the utter moral depravity of pro-Jihadist 'intellectual' Norman Finkelstein, this interview should pretty much settle it. The man is openly wishing for the civilised democracy of Israel to be beaten by the psychotic Islamic fundamentalists of Hezbollah.

What a low-rent scumbag.

The full interview can be seen here. Thanks to Damian Penny for the link.


The restaurant with very special service


(via White Ape)



While I'm usually in favour of anything which pisses off the Russians, I can't see how the new "independent" Kosovo can be considered a good thing. A bunch of foreign muslims setting up an enclave on Serbian soil, inventing a 'Kosovar' identity (hey, it worked for the 'Palestinians') and turning it into their own little narco-Islamist country? Yeah, this is gonna turn out real well.

I'm on the Serbians' side on this one folks. Fuck knows why the retards in Washington are taking sides in this, beyond some half-arsed attempt to get moral currency with the muslim crowd. And we've seen how well that's worked in the past, haven't we?

Bah humbug.


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