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20 February 2007

Quote of the day

What spiritual needs could you possibly have that can't be met by watching a kitten climb on top of a water cooler?

- Helena Handbasket


A suggestion

Replace the entire Australian bowling line up with five quadraplegic children. Could they possibly do any worse than the asshats we have in the team right now?

England took 18 months to lose the Ashes. Our cricket team has turned into a joke in less than a month.


Oh, get fucked assholes....

Our exalted leaders, not content with interfering with every other aspect of our lives, are now going to crack down on morally incorrect light bulbs:

The federal Environment Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, is expected today to announce a commitment to phase out incandescent light bulbs by 2009-10, a world first by a national government.

It hopes to convince state and territory governments to introduce energy performance standards that would lead to the replacement of standard light bulbs with more efficient but more expensive alternatives such as compact fluorescent lights. It will also negotiate with manufacturers to phase out the bulbs.

To all you blubbering idiots who thinks this is OK: what exactly makes you think they are going to stop at your light bulbs?

God I hate those bastards.


Beautiful words

I hate poetry. I just don't get it. I'd rather listen to a lawnmower. But as you've probably guessed already, I do have an exception to the rule I'd like to share with you.

Word has it that one day in 1797, a very ill Samuel Taylor Coleridge got loaded to the gills on opium and penned Kubla Khan, the opening stanza of which reads as follows.

In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure-dome decree:
Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
Through caverns measureless to man
Down to a sunless sea.

A strange, talismanic little slice of magic.


You can't make this shit up

According to the Castro-loving zombies at the Green Left Weekly, Zimbabwe's woes are being caused by free-market economic policy.

No really.


The art of quick

The 2007 model Yamaha R1 looks rather fast.


Another reason I should listen to my elders more often

Bernie Slattery was right about Deadwood, and Tony Taylor is right about The Wire.

Just like Deadwood, I avoided this show for a long time. The reason? Because when those dickheads at the Nine network started showing The Wire in some dead late-night timeslot, they started off with season two. I found it impenetrable for something which was apparently the first episode of a show.

Having just finished the boxed set of season one, I'll use the words from my Deadwood review: "Lordy, what a miscalculation".

Like Deadwood, The Wire is so far above the general swill that passes for TV drama that it comes as manna from heaven for those of us who like to be treated as though we have functioning brain cells.

The narrative is set around an investigation into the drug trade on the streets of Baltimore, though this is but a small kernel in the expansive, multi-layered stories of cops, crims, politicians, corruption, friendship, loyalty, and so much more.

In a genre full of infantile pap like NYPD Blue, The Wire hits with the force of a wrecking ball. Like Deadwood, there is not a false note or cliche to be found. No phony bullshit 'hard core' action or stupid psycho dramas. Just superb writing, production, and acting of the highest order. Complex as the story can get, such is the skill of the writers, directors and actors that it's never an effort to follow what's going on.

There are too many superb acting performances to summarise in any way that would do the actors justice, so I'll just say that this ensemble are almost good enough to give even the Deadwood guys a real shake.

I've only had one problem so far with The Wire: the dialogue from the gangsta characters is often completely unintelligible. Still, thats what the "subtitle" option is for.

I think seasons 2&3 are out on DVD here now. I'll be grabbing them this weekend...and so should you.


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